Angle comments on Saudi Arabia and Ambrose's recovery
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 05/09/2018 at 08:04 PM

RAW General Manager Kurt Angle recently did a Q&A on Facebook and here are some highlights...

Question: Can you tell me the biggest culture shock from your trip last week

Angle: "I was surprised at how progressive Saudi is. They still hold incredible traditions but they have taken progressive steps that have changed some of their culture. I was also a bit surprised that the female WWE superstars werenít allowed to perform there, but Iíve been told that will change soon."

Question: kurt any news about dean ambrose condition

Angle: "Dean will be back very soon. I canít comment on when though."

Question: Hello Kurt who do u think is an underrated wrestler

Angle: "Cesaro. He hasnít been world champ yet."

Question: What were Ur thoughts on Titus O'Neil's fall a couple weeks ago?! That had to be the best part of the night.

Angle: "I cringed when it occurred. But I like the fact that Titus is humble enough to make fun of it. Itís a 'wrestling moment' that will never be forgotten."

Question: Which 5 wrestlers do you believe in to carry WWE forward in the future.

Angle: "Roman, Seth, Ambrose, Braun, Balor, Roode, Elias. Jordan, Gable, Mahal, Ronda, Asuka...Nia. Oops...thatís more than 5. And I forgot the SmackDown talent. Lots to choose from."

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