Fans in attendance at RAW express frustrations
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 05/08/2018 at 12:47 AM

Thanks to Reddit user Mattytredeuce for the following:

"Just left the building after Raw tonight, and I am incredibly disappointed and need to get this off my chest. First off this was not my first raw, but this is the worst Iíve ever experienced. I know Iím not the first to point out how bad the live crowds have been lately, but tonight was ridiculous. When you buy a ticket to these shows you have every right to enjoy yourselves as you see fit, but is it so hard to show a little respect? Both Elias and Bobby Roode got decent reactions before their match, solely because Elias sings and Roodeís song is fun. The minute the match started, out came the beach balls followed by dueling chants of ďletís go yankees/letís go metsĒ (get it, weíre in New York) One fan got escorted out and began throwing punches at the security guard, lovely. There were multiple good, exciting matches tonight and all anyone in the crowd could care about was their 5 seconds of fame. What a disgrace."

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"Was live at the show and just wanted to talk about something that came across really manipulative and kind of gross. So Jinder comes out to the ring for his match against Chad Gable. Does the whole pose etc and we go to commercial. They show us a bunch of different ads and whatnot. And then we get to the last commercial before coming back. And it was an ad for Tribute To The Troops. This Immediately caught my eye because i thought it was weird they would play an ad for that so early in the year. So the commercial ends with a big flag waving and U.S.A being chanted so the arena naturally starts to chant that as well JUST as the cameras come back to Raw. I really don't know/hope this wasn't intentional but i am so tired of this Xenaphobic garbage WWE can't seem to get over. Especially in this day and age where this is the last thing we need. It's tiresome and disgusting."

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