JR comments on women possibly being paid for the GRR
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 05/05/2018 at 10:11 AM

During a recent edition of his podcast, Jim Ross commented on the story that women were possibly going to be paid for the Greatest Royal Rumble event despite not working on the show:

ďI donít know why it would be that way. Itís not everybodyís right to be on any card. You earn your right to be on the card. And the women have done a phenomenal job and I am as big a supporter of womenís athletics in general, hey Iím a season ticket holder to the OU womenís basketball games. Iím a big fan of the OU womenís softball team who are defending national champions. So Iím a big fan.Ē

ďBut I believe the same thing as I do about WrestleMania. Itís not your birthright to be booked. Itís like playing in the Super Bowl. Itís not your right as an NFL player you earn that right to get in that game.Ē

ďSo I believe the women, I donít know if they were paid or not. I donít know why they would have been paid and I may piss some people off but Iím just being honest. Itís my problem I have sometimes, being honest.Ē

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