How Cena feels about Nikki; What Nikki reportedly wants
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 04/26/2018 at 11:59 AM

While speaking to TMZ, John Cena spoke more about his breakup with Nikki Bella:

ďI love Nicole with all my heart and the splitís tough. Itís a tough time but thatís life. We all go through highs and we all go through lows. Iím gonna get through it. I love her. Iíll always love her. The fact that my heart hurts for her Ö I know I was in love. So, Iíll always have that.Ē

A source for noted the following about why the couple split:

ďNikki sees her sister as a great mother and Nikki loves being an auntie but she wants more and that would be a child of her own. Nikki would love to have kids and she wanted kids with John Cena but that obviously didnít work out. But the next boyfriend she gets serious with she wants them to know that kids are a part of the equation. She is not going to date for fun. She is going to date for marriage and children. That is the person she wants to be in her dating future.Ē

It also appears that the breakup was filmed:

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