Impact Wrestling results (spoilers) from 4/23/18 taping
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 04/23/2018 at 07:49 PM

Thanks to Sir Owen Disney for the following results:

- World Tag Champions Eli Drake & Scott Steiner defeated LAX when Drake reversed the Sweet Sweeper into a Powerslam off Ortizís shoulders on Santana. After the tag match. Drake wants to challenge with his briefcase bringing out Austin Aries who says his Grand Championship is most important. Pentagon hits the ring leading to a pull apart & Aries & Pentagon staredown holding their respective titles.

- Knockouts Champion Allie pinned Taya Valkyrie after a BSE & Codebreaker. Afterwards girls in Su Yung paint brought a casket to the ring. They left & Allie kicked the casket over. Lights out. Su Yung in the ring & lays out Allie with Rope Hanging Pedigree...continues. Su Yung attempted to put Allie in the casket & Rosemary returns in a Demon Bunny shirt for the save chasing Su Yung to the back.

- Brian Cage pinned Trevor Lee with Caleb Konley after the Drill Claw.

- Eddie Edwards wants to put oVe in the hospital like he did Sami Callahan. Calls out OVE. They hit the ring, Eddie gets the upper hand & a video shows Sami in the hospital at Aliciaís bedside & says he just wants to talk. Eddie runs to the back.

- Moose pinned Braxton Sutter after a Spear. Moose calls out Pentagon & calls himself Mr. Impact Wrestling & he is gonna take the title from him.

- X-Division Champion Matt Sydal pinned Taiji Ishimori after an Iconoclasm Driver. Solid match.

- Eli Drake out with tag title & the briefcase. Scott Steiner isnít out with him, heís got freaks & working on his peaks. Drake calls out Pentagon for one more week when Drake is cashing in his case. Pentagon out & a staredown.

- Drago/Aerostar/El Hijo Del Fantasma VS. DJZ/Desmond Xavier/Andrew Everett in a Lucha Rules 6 Man Tag is up next. DJZ pins Aerostar after a ZDT from the Top Rope. A lot of back & forth in this one. All six men show respect afterwards.

- OVE defeated KM & Fallah Bahh when Dave Crist pinned Bahh after a Superkick, Round Kick & a Rollup.

- Rosemary & Su Yung never gets started as they brawled until Su Yung hit the Panic Switch on the floor & the Druid girls came down and they went to take care of Rosemary when Allie attacked Su Yung as the girls watched. Su Yung gave Rosemary the Panic Switch off the ramp through the table as the girls silently held Allie. Yung rolls Rosemary on the ramp and the girls drag her towards Allie. The girls are zombiefied. Su Yung puts Rosemary in the casket as the girls hold Allie back. Austin Aries out with a Josh Mathews & Don Callis for commentary. World Champion Pentagon Jr. pinned Eli Drake after a Pentagon Driver.

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