Chyna's mother & ex-manager have heated online exchange
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 04/23/2018 at 06:35 PM

Chynaís ex-manager Anthony Anzaldo recently set up a GoFundMe account to raise money for a Hollywood Forever Cemetary plot for Chyna. Here is what he wrote on the website:

"I have had the honor of sharing my home with Chynaís urn for the past two years. Friday, April 20 is the 2 year anniversary of her passing. However, I think the time has come for all of her fans to be able to come and visit her. I would like to place her urn and lay her to rest in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Hollywood, CA., I really think she would love it there. There are several celebrities buried there and placing her right next to Judy Garland would make Chyna happy Iím sure. She Loved The Wizard Of Oz. To be clear, 1/2 of Chynaís ashes were laid to rest 3 miles due west in the Pacific Ocean off of Esplanade and Avenue A in Redondo Beach. 1/4 was given to her Mother and in this urn is another 1/4 of Chynaís ashes. I am raising only the money to buy the plot and get the chapel for a 1 hour memorial. I would like to have this take place as soon as possible within the next 45-60 days. All donations (any amount) graciously accepted. This burial spot will be for the fans by the fans."

Chyna's mother Jan LaQue commented on the post with the following:

"As CHYNA's mother and sole beneficiary, technically and legally, I own these ashes that Anthony is talking about. And he has no right to even have them let alone decide how to dispose of them. I allowed him to keep 3/4 of them initially with the understanding and agreement on his part that all 3/4 of them would be scattered in the Pacific ocean. He was NOT supposed to keep any of them back. Obviously that didn't happen. I have had enough dealings with Anthony Anzaldo to know that he could care less about Chyna's fans. His sole interest is in himself, making money off of others, and making himself look good. Be ware of giving his campaign any money. Obviously I will be contacting go fund me and an attorney, if I need to, to shut this down. PLEASE don't donate to this Go Fund me. IT IS A SCAM. Anthony was supposed to scatter all of the ashes that he had of my daughter's in the Pacific Ocean. Obviously he lied about that. Technically and legally, any of the ashes he has now belong to me, as my daughter's sole beneficiary. This is nothing more than a scam to get your money from you. I can tell you story after story about Anthony and my dealings with him and how he treated me and my attorneys. STAY AWAY FROM THIS GUY. He is a snake. He never really cared about CHYNA. Only what he could make off her - and now even in her death. I know for a fact that she fired him before her death. Save your money. Donate to a reputable animal rescue which Chyna would love."

Anzaldo responded with the following:

"This is not a scam. This is very real. This is both for Chyna and her fans. Her Mother, who didnít see her for 30 years, is hateful for reasons beyond me. I will not engage, but I can assure everyone that I have the legal right to do with what I wish with the 1/4 remains that I have a permit to own authorized by the State Of California. 1/2 of her remains were spread in the Pacific Ocean and 1/4 his with her Mother. Those are the facts. Chyna would love to be visited by her fans next to one of her idols, donít let the haters be the gate keepers."

LaQue then said the following:

"In spite of what Anthony says, I can assure you that this is a scam. I have saved every single email from Joanie before she died and also spoken with a WWE wrestling star who told me directly that he knew that Anthony was fired by Joanie before she died. In fact, he told me that Anthony even told him that!!. She hated Anthony and would NEVER have wanted Anthony to do what he is proposing to do. I am not hateful. Actually I'm far from it. I just hate the idea that Anthony continues to try to scam others out of money by playing the "friend" role. It's just not true. I have hundreds of emails to prove what I'm saying. Also, my attorneys, both here in NC and CA, have told me on several occasions what kind of person Anthony is and how horribly Anthony treated them. NOW - TO BE CLEAR, I have in several documents in my possession regarding Joanie's remains. First is a cremation purchase receipt from Best Cremation Care of CA, in which there was a permit issued to cremate her remains. There was no permit issued for ownership to Anthony Anzaldo. In fact, also in my possession is a signed by me and notarized letter dated April 22, 2016, addressed to whom it may concern, which authorizes Anthony Anzaldo to make certain decisions with regard to Joanie's remains including release of her body by the LA coroner, election of a cremation facility, and funeral/memorial services. The restrictions to these decisions are/were as follows: Anthony was to review any plan for cremation and funeral services with me prior to execution for family approval. In addition, Anthony was to arrange for Joan's ashes to be sent to me in North Carolina. Further the letter of authorization extended to my daughter's personal effects. Anthony was to gain access to Joanie's living quarters and excess monies and personal affects be forwarded to me. This letter also clearly states that ALL decisions of Anthony Anzaldo shall be binding up me after my written approval of the decisions. Well, that never happened. Anthony just went on his merry way acting like he was this big shot, and calling all the shots and decisions without getting my approval in writing for anything. There was nothing ever in writing signed and notarized by me approving of any of Anthony's decisions, including that celebration service he held for her in which he just made a decision to give away Joanie's cello which, under CA law, was legally my property as I was/am her sole beneficiary. Nor is there anything in writing at this point with regards to his big GOFUNDME campaign now and his right to even have these ashes let alone make a decision on what to do with them. As usual, he is trying to pull something over on the fans. And for the record, anyone who wants to discuss anything with me regarding Anthony's deceptiveness, has only to go on facebook and message me. I will certainly reply back. Also, for the record, I'm going to contact the police and file whatever I need to file with regard to Anthony's latest actions and the ashes."

As of this writing, Anzaldo has raised $35 out of a $25,000 goal.

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