2018 WWE Hall of Fame recap
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- Edge and Christian came out to induct The Dudley Boyz. Edge and Christian joked about Christian trying to induct himself into the WWE Hall of Fame but is having to induct someone else yet again. Edge poked fun of fans that were upset about Paul Heyman not inducting the Dudleyz. Edge and Christian made a joke about the Dudleyz and the APA which led to Ron Simmons picking up a mic and saying, "Damn!" Nick "Magnus" Aldis was seen during a shot of the stars. Edge and Christian put on the Dudleyz glasses and Edge told Christian to get the Dudleyz.

- The Dudleyz came out for their speech. Bubba joked that D-Von is only supposed to say "testify" and D-Von said he's office now so he gets to talk first. Bubba and D-Von took some funny jabs at each other about which one was over. D-Von mentioned Hulk Hogan as an influence and said he had a tan like Hogan. D-Von also joked about having the same hair-style as Hogan as they got older. D-Von also made a reference to Mr. T's momma speech from 2014. D-Von put over Bubba as his brother not just in the ring but also in life. Bubba said the HOF is vindication for their hard work and they are proud to be the first original ECW act to enter the WWE Hall of Fame. Bubba and D-Von put over Spike Dudley, Tommy Dreamer, and every wrestler they worked with. Bubba also gave a shout-out to Velvet Sky. Bubba praised Mae Young for putting her body on the line to get them over and called her the toughest man he ever met in his life. The Dudleyz brought up The Hardys and Edge/Christian to the stage for a full TLC reunion. D-Von started talking again but their music hit and a stagehand tried to wrap them up. Bubba ended up powerbombing the stagehand through a table.

- Jimmy Hart did the induction speech for Hillbilly Jim. Hart brought up Hillbilly's road to WWE and showed off Jim's action figure. Hart mentioned that Jim had an accident but was able to come back from that and compete at Wrestlemania 3.

- Hillbilly Jim was introduced but came out to a generic WWE Network version of his theme instead of Don't go Messing With a Country Boy. Jim said to take opportunity seriously because it could knock on the door but if you don't answer, it'll go somewhere else. Jim did an impression of Stu Hart and talked about going to Calgary for training. Jim mentioned Hulk Hogan and told a story about drinking with Andre The Giant. Jim talked about his memories of Wrestlemania 3. Jim accepted the HOF induction on behalf of the fans that supported him.

- Molly Holly came out to induct Ivory and talked about the various accomplishments that Ivory made. Holly mentioned 9/11 and how Ivory wanted to wrestle twice to help people escape reality and put smiles on faces. Lilian Garcia came out and helped Molly Holly make the introduction for Ivory.

- Ivory came out and talked about how women have come a long way since her days in wrestling. Ivory said since she never got married, the HOF ceremony was like getting married for her. Ivory's speech was briefly interrupted by Right to Censor's music. There was also a noticeable shot of the teleprompter that Ivory was reading from.

- Triple H inducted Kid Rock into the WWE Hall of Fame. Triple H talked about how Kid Rock's music has been larger than life much like WWE's music.

- Kid Rock came out and said the HOF induction was better than winning any Grammy. "There's no politics involved here," said Rock. Despite being told to not mention Vince McMahon, Kid Rock gave big thanks to Vince and said Vince changed the entertainment business. Rock said the atmosphere made him feel like bodyslamming some democrats but then noted that he was joking. Rock talked about how the entertainment business was tough and gave props to the talent. Rock also mentioned Joe C and brought up how Joe C was a big WWE fan.

- Road Dogg did a brief introduction for Jeff Jarrett.

- Jeff Jarrett came out and did his old Double J intro. Jarrett mentioned how it was 32 years to the day that he made his wrestling debut. The crowd chanted "you deserve it" at Jarrett. Jarrett brought up his 1995 match with Shawn Michaels and praised Michaels' contributions to the wrestling business. Jarrett brought up being in the Four Horsemen/NWO and even David Arquette. Jarrett got emotional while talking about Road Dogg and Owen Hart. Jarrett told an Owen Hart story about wearing clown noses during a tag match against Edge and Christian. Edge and Christian came out and put a clown nose on Jarrett and Christian said, "it looks better on you Slapnuts!" Jarrett thanked his family including his father Jerry who was in the crowd. Jarrett read off a poem about not quitting. Road Dogg came out at the end to sing "With My Baby Tonight" with Jarrett. There was no mention of TNA/Impact Wrestling during Jarrett's speech.

- Dana Warrior gave her induction speech for Jarrius Robertson and reflected on her husband being inducted in 2014. Robertson came out and gave a fun speech while referencing various WWE stars. Robertson said he could probably get a match at Wrestlemania before John Cena.

- Big Show introduced Mark Henry and talked about how they were like brothers from another mother.

- Mark Henry came out and the crowd started chanting "Sexual Chocolate." Henry wasn't wearing the salmon jacket from 2013 but his son was wearing it in the crowd. Henry got emotional talking about his favorite wrestler growing up, Andre The Giant. Henry told a story about how he hung up on Vince McMahon before getting hired because he thought it was a prank. Henry said he is a Mark both literally and figuratively. Henry said he wasn't 100% focused on what he needed to be doing early in his career. Henry thanked the Hart family and praised Owen Hart. Henry asked Martha directly, stating that this was coming from him and not the company or other wrestlers, to let Owen go into the WWE Hall of Fame. Henry then did a routine as his Sexual Chocolate persona complete with the music. Henry thanked Mae Young and Chyna for making the Sexual Chocolate persona a success. Henry thanked the people that helped him on the road to the World Heavyweight Title and said it was his career highlight. Henry finished by thanking his family and said he was away from his family so he could give them more than what he had. Henry put on the salmon jacket and teased another match but said the jacket is his "lying ass jacket."

- Paul Heyman did his introduction speech for Bill Goldberg and said he aspires to be half the father that Goldberg is to his son. Heyman talked about how the fans chanted Goldberg's name over the years and called Goldberg's comeback the greatest one in sports entertainment history.

- Goldberg had his usual entrance that started with him walking out of his dressing room. Goldberg said he would keep it short and talked about how he was brought up. Goldberg said he wanted to be a role model for kids and that was his main goal. Goldberg said he didn't have any money and DDP helped him break into wrestling. Goldberg said he came up with a move that was so easy to copy and then joked by asking where Roman Reigns was. Goldberg thanked Eric Bischoff for giving him the opportunity in WCW. Goldberg said that the wrestling business being hot had spoiled him when he finally got to WWE. Goldberg said his 2003-2004 run sucked and didn't want to talk about it. Goldberg said it was a difficult time when he left WWE in 2004 and tried to repress everything that had happened. Goldberg mentioned that the combination of having a family and the video game phone call changed things. Goldberg said the training for a comeback was miserable but the hard work was worth it. Goldberg said he is proud everyday to be a father. Goldberg told a story about how he broke his hand punching a door after he was told not to headbutt the door. Goldberg said being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame has a better payoff than the NFL HOF would ever have.

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