More on the claim that Enzo Amore is innocent of rape
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 01/23/2018 at 11:44 PM

In an update on the man (Sam Cook) that claims Enzo Amore is innocent of rape allegations, got an additional statement from Cook and asked him if he had contacted Phoenix PD or vice versa:

Unfortunately, because the messages did not come from my phone (they came from my friend) there isn't a lot I can do in this situation. The police, hopefully, were able to obtain those texts when she handed over her phone back around the date she filed with the police department. The detectives working on the case went through @toopoor_ to obtain the screenshots (I dm'd them to her when she asked for them) and I told her I would be more than willing to speak with a detective. As for if Philomena "MissGucciWitch" has been in contact with me, she attempted to facetime call me yesterday (before the video) and was "so excited" to tell me she got to be on TMZ and she asked my friend, who was next to me and answered the phone call off of her phone because I have Philomena blocked, "Do I look good? I hope my makeup looked good, how's my hair? I'm going to be on television tomorrow I'm so f****** excited!!!" but she became super aggressive when I was handed the phone and told her what she did was wrong, and she told me I should "go kill myself" for not lying to people, and then hung up. But, she did post on her snapchat story about me- saying that I "leaked her phone number and address in the video" although.. if anyone watched they could clearly see her phone number, and personal information was not mentioned. This entire situation is super messy, and I feel gross for accepting this kind of attention-- but at the end of the day, attention on my video can hopefully garner attention towards Enzo's innocence, as well as @toopoor_ and @tylergrosso. As well as the injustice Philomena has done for sexual assault survivors.

Former WWE star JTG gave his thoughts on the situation with the following tweet:

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