Man on YouTube claims Enzo Amore is innocent of rape
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 01/23/2018 at 07:30 PM

A young man named Sam Cook is claiming in a YouTube video that Enzo Amore is innocent of rape accusations. Cook explained that him and Enzo’s accuser, Philomena Sheahan, were associated together for a year and a half and she gave him a first-hand account of the events that transpired.

Cook's description of the video states, "as philomena 'miss gucci witch' was my best friend of almost 2 years, and as someone who has heard her first account of what happened, this is my statement. i support and stand with all those accused."

In the video, Cook said the following was what Sheahan allegedly told him and to “take this with a grain of salt” before stating:

“But what she had told me at that point was that she had sex with Enzo and it was amazing and Toopoor was so nice.”

Cook went on to explain some background information about the timeline of events as he knew them and then showed text messages that were allegedly between Sheahan and a woman named Rachel. In the messages,
Sheahan told Rachel, “I MET TOO POOR & Did coke with her Tyler & f*** their friend.” Cook noted that the word “f***” was later corrected to “f***ed” and there was no mention of a rape. Cook showed another message that was allegedly from Sheahan that stated, “Believe it or not bitch it happened & I’m laying in bed next to a famous wrestler.”

You can check out Cook’s full video and screenshots from the text messages below:

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