Detailed WWE RAW 25 Manhattan Center fan report
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 01/23/2018 at 10:38 AM

Thanks to Reddit user RealRobRose for the following fan report from the Manhattan Center portion of RAW's 25th anniversary show:

Here's what happened at the Manhattan Center:

-Jerry Lawler and JR were introduced. -Went live at 8pm -We watched the opening segment on the one big tron (Everyone underneath the tron had two maybe 60 inch flat screen TVs that were rolled out and then hidden when the show was live) -EVERYONE started to chatter that the McMahons and Austin would probably bookend the show with us across the river, leading to Austin chants all night. -Jerry Lawler told a joke or two and said he thought the opening of the show would've been better if it were here...that didn't help the anticipation... but he was just using it to toss to a video of Austin hitting Vince with the bed pan. -Keep those TV's rolled out because now we're watching the 8 woman tag with TWO COMMERCIAL BREAKS and a post match angle.

-Lince Dorado and Mustafa Ali came out in the dark while the Boogeyman and legends segment played. -Entirely during the commercial break Ali and Dorado rolled and flipped around for 90 seconds at 150 mph, as they both constantly looked to the crowd and did the "Come on, yeah, make some noise, wooo!!" stuff... someone clearly thought we'd need to be woken up for The Undertaker.


Ali pinned Dorado with the beautiful reverse 450 splash in a minute or so. He pumped us up as he and the ref and Dorado ran back stage.


-We weren't shown that King & JR were talking to the camera, but we did watch the video package for Taker which... l can't imagine one person in there actually watched, we were pretty sick of TV at this point, so if there were any indications that this was Taker's farewell, we didn't get them, I'd say it's fair to say most everyone there assumed an angle was coming to set up Mania.

-Undertaker came out. That is always an experience. He looked great. We were pretty restless and very excited for WHATEVER was about to happen and NOBODY thought the segment was wrapping up so the fact that it just ended and Taker was seemingly just saying he's done, l dont really think anyone knew how to react and then Taker did the arm raise and it was over like a flash...

-Then we watched TV... APA segment..GMs -Miz vs Roman match for fifteen minutes or so..


-When the Peep Show started... that's pretty much when the camel's back started to crack. We couldn't even get a nonsense talking segment? WHY did that need to be at the Barclays? This is where the bullshit chants started and really just a feeling amongst everybody that we all had $400 face value tickets to watch TV... -...Alexa Bliss and Charlotte promo on TV... -APA on TV...


-Bray Wyatt vs Matt Hardy -The absolute only real match we got. It was a good match, lifted significantly by the fact that it was ANYTHING... but it was five minutes long.

-After Bray left the ring, Jeff Hardy came out. I'd say he got a big reaction but at this point, ANYONE who got an entrance, got a huge reaction. We were desperate. For however long it is was on TV until Elias and Jericho, they Hardy Boyzed around for a few minutes. Matt got Jeff to sing the "Obsolete" song from his Brother Nero days about Bray they slapped five and went backstage.

-Back to watching TV... All of the Elias and John Cena stuff played.


-Drew Gulak/Tony Nese vs Akira Tozawa/HideoItami -They came out in the dark... even though we were doing NOTHING none of the 205Live guys got entrances for either of their two matches... which were half the matches. -We were asked "Alright, who's ready for more cruiserweight action?" and then the bell rang. -There were a few quick tags back and forth but you could tell just by watching them that they were going to be done in two minutes... which they were... when all four guys brawled to the back which got some real vicious booing.

-THE MIZ came out. Everyone lost their shit. He was treated like a God. We couldnt believe he was here, he played with the crowd and gave a speech about the IC title. I thought that Roman was going to enact his rematch and win the IC title belt BACK in the Manhattan Center as some big historic thing where the titles traded back and forth on the same show in front of two different crowds..... but no... he just cut a promo and left.

-We watched more backstage segments, everyone was pretty pissed that we COULDN'T EVEN GET TITUS/CREWS vs HEATH/RHYNO and ESPECIALLY PISSED we couldn't get the most simple Dudley Boyz table spot... YA KNOW.... AN ECW SPOT??... IN THE MANHATTAN CENTER?? That was such a bullshit move.


-During the commercial the cruiserweights brawled BACK OUT... apparently there were no count outs in this match and these guys had been beating the shit out of each other backstage for half an hour. Gulak... because he's awesome, was drenched in "sweat" from so much fighting when they came back out. The match continued on, they mostly just brawled, Itami did a dive and Tozawa won with the... thing he does off the top.


-DX came out. You saw it. We cheered real loud because we were still hopeful and it was cool to see the old timers. This segment on its own was very fun, all the way through with The Club coming down and all of them 2Sweeting was great, and if there had been a SHOW around this segment it'd have been worth the money. Everybody loved Razor and X-pac.


-The Revival vs Gallows/Anderson. Revival came out and had a very basic three or four minute match, Magic Killer, main events in the books. -The Revival took everyones finishing moves ending with Finn's coup de grace.

-The Kliq and The Club stayed in the ring and watched the end of RAW on the big screen.

-RIC FLAIR came out and that was pretty great, definitely a surprise and its just fun to know I watched Ric Flair give an in ring speech in 2018. He basically just talked about the guys that were in the ring and what they meant to him and how important all of this was and spending time with your loved ones and started to go one by one down each of them until pretty sincerely getting to Gallows and Anderson and saying "You guys are pretty lucky to be in this ring right now." He just completely missed Finn. Which Billy Gunn and X-Pac seemingly made sure to point out to him for a laugh.

-Flair left but out again came The Miz who ran down everyone in the ring until HE was interrupted by Seth Rollins. Our OTHER guy who took the $20 Uber ride between arenas.

-Miz and Seth went back and forth on the mic, Seth acknowledged that he won the Ring of Honor championship in this building. Miz acknowledged that earlier in the night he'd gotten a hero's welcome but now we were booing him... which got laughs... And cheers which made Miz almost explode telling us we weren't allowed to cheer him now just because he's getting passionate... Miz is really entertaining and quick. As Miz got himself all worked up over our reaction to him, Seth booted him in the stomach, milked it... milked it.... And then hit the curb stomp on Miz.

Seth said he'd always wanted to say this and then did the "Two words for ya" bit, DX's music played and that was that.

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