Two rumored TNA signings; Callis talks TNA tapings
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 01/09/2018 at 04:52 PM

- There are reports that Impact Wrestling continues to be contact with Rey Mysterio about a possible run with the company. In addition to Mysterio, is reporting that Impact Wrestling is looking to bring in independent wrestler Su Yung to the upcoming TV tapings in Orlando, FL. Yung is the wife of WWE superstar Rich Swann.

- On the recent Killing The Town podcast, Impact Wrestling co-executive vice president Don Callis commented on the upcoming Impact Wrestling tapings:

"Heading down to Orlando, looking forward to meeting all the top talent that's on the roster, and yeah, that's coming up. So it's busy. I mean, it was busy going over for match sheets and what not over the flight from Tokyo when I wasn't sleeping because I was exhausted from spending 4 days with our man Chris Jericho. So pretty pumped about that, pretty pumped about some of the changes that Scott and I and the rest of the folks there are looking to make and it's going to be a process. We're not going to change every last single thing on the first show. But there's a long term vision and hopefully people will enjoy the ride. The good news, ratings are way up, we're 310,000 viewers this week so that was good news. So hopefully that continues and people give the show a try and hang in there with us because I think there's going to be lots of fun stuff to do. It's like when Mike Babcock took over the Maple Leafs, he made the comment, "Look, it's not all going to change in one game or in 10 games. It's not going to happen overnight. You've got to build the foundation and you've got to set the table." So that's what we're doing."

Thanks to Himanshu Doi for the quote.

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