Natalya opens up about career setbacks
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 11/25/2017 at 10:22 AM

In a recent blog for the Calgary Sun, Natalya opened up about career setbacks:

“Whether it’s an injury, a mistake that was made, or a loss, setbacks happen to every single one of us. I’ve learned that you have to fight through the hard times. Trust that they will pass, because they will pass.”

Natalya continued, “Two years ago, I broke my ankle while practising for a match I was about to have on Monday Night Raw. It was the first injury I had ever suffered in my entire WWE career. Not only that, but it happened doing something small and innocuous. I was so mad at myself. I even went into complete denial that I was even injured (that’s how mad I was!) but my ankle was broken.”

“Once I finally saw the break in my ankle on the doctor’s X-Ray, I stopped crying. I got really serious and said to myself: ‘OK. I’ve got this.’ I couldn’t deny I was hurt. I couldn’t turn back the hands of time. I couldn’t go under it, around it or beneath it… I had to simply GO THROUGH IT.”

“Fast forward to the present. At SummerSlam, I finally became the Women’s Champion in the WWE, and I did what I set out to do: make history. Last week, I lost my championship in a gruelling match against Charlotte Flair on Smackdown Live. At first, I was sad. I cried. I loved holding that title up high every time I walked to the ring and feeling like the queen of the world! But I draw from my previous experiences with adversity — and trust me, there are so many outside of my broken ankle — and I see the setback of 'losing' as an opportunity to chase something again and rediscover that fire inside of me when I wanted something SO much!”

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