Brandi Rhodes goes into more detail about leaving GFW
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 08/10/2017 at 07:00 PM

Brandi Rhodes recently spoke with Chuck Carroll of CBS Radio and here are a few highlights...

GFW departure:

"Unfortunately, that story is kind of a mess. There are some valid statements that Iíve seen, but itís really not as dramatic as people want it to be. Basically, Cody and I were very candid with what we were doing after WWE as far as contracts go. People are confused. I never signed the contract that people think I signed with Global Force stating that they got percentages. What I did sign was a tentative contract with Impact Wrestling when they were still Impact. That contract had a clause for me, because I was already working on some stuff in other areas of television. That clause basically said that if something else in television were to happen for me, they canít be uncooperative. And if they were uncooperative, we would be able to part ways. And that is honestly what happened. So, I am filming something awesome in Atlanta, but I canít say what it is."

Missed opportunities in WWE?

"Yes, and no. I really enjoyed ring announcing and had a lot of fun with that. I had many different ways to challenge myself with that and make it fun and interesting. But when youíve been an athlete and used to being a physical person, sometimes that takes over. And youíre kind of like, ĎOkay, when am I going to get my chance to do my thing?í While I was announcing I was the same person I am now, who was in the gym, eating right and doing all of these things. Being physical [is] something Iíve always done. I figure skated for 17 years on a highly competitive level. So, sitting down and watching other people compete is a difficult thing for me. Ö I felt like there was potential for more, and I did try. People have seen some of the backstage shoots with myself and Cody doing these different characters. It would have been so much fun. Just not being able to get there got a little frustrating. Being able to do all of the stuff now, itís so much fun and confirms for me I was able to do more, and I was ready to do more."

Click here for the full interview.

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