Latest on 2nd Superstar Shakeup; Rhodes on his GFW run
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 08/08/2017 at 03:23 PM

- In an update on WWE possibly doing another Superstar Shakeup this year, there is talk about having the next Shakeup take place in early September. Another Shakeup around this time could help boost TV ratings when football season starts up again. The idea is that WWE would do two smaller Shakeups every year instead of one major Draft.

- In an interview with, Cody Rhodes spoke out about his GFW run:

ďBrandi was watching Maria and Mike on Pop and she wanted to go. I didnít have any plans to go, but I thought I could absolutely try to help make that happen. I didnít have a bad outing at all or a single complaint. I do think it was a bit misleading to fans whereas I had only signed on to do 3-4 dates and I didnít re-sign. I would have made everyone aware if I had re-signed, so it was a little misleading because I think they made it seem like I was part of the roster and I really wasnít. I was just dropping in and saying hello on occasion. They let me do that, so I respect Impact for letting me do that. I really liked Dixie, really liked Billy, really liked Jeff and Karen. No complaints.Ē

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