Enzo and Cass reportedly have backstage heat in WWE
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 07/13/2017 at 09:40 AM

- While it probably wasn't a factor in the split with Big Cass, Dave Meltzer of is reporting that there is backstage heat on Enzo Amore. Apparently there was an incident on a WWE tour bus that led to Roman Reigns kicking Enzo off the bus. According to Meltzer, there was a period where Enzo was given the 'Miz treament' by not being allowed to dress in the locker with other talent. Enzo is reportedly unhappy about the split because he doesn't feel his prospects as a singles star are good due to the way his character is portrayed on television as a guy that runs his mouth but can't back it up in the ring.

- Dave Meltzer is reporting that there is also heat on Big Cass but for a totally different reason than Enzo. According to Meltzer, Cass is a strong Donald Trump supporter and that has bothered a lot of his peers in the locker room that don't share the same political views. With that said, management is still high on Cass and the heat from other wrestlers is unlike to affect his push for the time being.

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