Bayley planning to evolve her character?
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 07/12/2017 at 09:24 AM

In an interview with The Steve Austin Show, Bayley talked about making changes to her character in the future:

ďI guess itís time to evolve because Iíve been doing what Iíve been doing for the last four years, but you always need to evolve. And I plan on doing this for a really long time, so I know it needs to go just like different directions, maybe a different attitude. I guess Iím coming off of my Extreme Rules match with Alexa Bliss where I didnít use the kendo stick on her, soÖ and itís time for me to evolve and kind of see where else, different avenues, I can go as my character.Ē

ďI kind of feel like Iím in-between that right now. Iím still trying to stay who I was and what got me to the dance, thatís what I was always told.Ē Bayley reflected, ďyeah, it might be a little of both [an internal feeling based on crowd response and feeling monotonous], just from the, yeah, crowd response, but I also donít want to completely change who I am just because certain people may not like who I am.Ē

Thanks to William Windsor of for the quotes.

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