Justin Credible says alcohol is 'worst drug in the world'
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 07/07/2017 at 12:41 PM

Justin Credible posted two videos online where he spoke out about his addiction to alcohol. In one video, he called alcohol the "worst drug in the world" and noted that he is going to WWE sponsored rehab in Tampa, Florida.

Sean Waltman commented on the situation during an appearance on The Tomorrow Show:

“We got him [Justin Credible] in a hotel at least, and somebody’s gonna pick him up and bring him to rehab…I just saw these crazy posts on Twitter and I’m just like, ‘hey, call me. I love you and I’ll answer it.’…I’m happy to do it, Rox. I’m happy to, like, that’s a real touch and go time when somebody’s in a situation like that…He’s in a situation where he feels like nobody’s really wanting to help, and nobody gives a f***, and I’m trying to explain to him why that might be …you know, when somebody’s all f***ed up like that. And they’re at the moment f***ed up, you know, they’re hating themselves. And some of the stuff, some of the things he talked to me about…I would never share with anyone. It was pretty heavy shit…I just wanted to get him on the phone, and talk to him…have a connection, even though it’s over the phone, just to have that connection at the moment with somebody, is huge.”

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