Full Impact Wrestling spoilers from 7/5/17 tapings
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 07/05/2017 at 10:18 PM

Here were the results from tonight's Impact Wrestling tapings which are expected to air on July 20th and 27th. Thanks to Mr. Jacob Cohen for the following results...

- Mayor Buddy Dyer is announcing the following 6 man match, Eli Drake, Chris Adonis, & EC3 vs. Marufuji, Edwards, & Moose. EC3 pins Moose to win it for his team.

- They just re-taped the end of Sienna vs Nova, looks like they are re-taping the whole knockout challenger promo from last night.

- Ishimori defeats Davey Richards to advance, he will face his tag partner ACH in the next round.

- Lashley is not impressed with guys just asking for title shots, if anyone tries to step past Lashley he will break them in half. Lashley says he wants a world title match at Destination X and calls out Bruce Prichard to confirm it. Bruce says he addressed this last week, Lashley says he deserves the shot, Sydal out, Lashley ignores him. Lashley tries to spear Sydal but Sydal hits him with a knee and then a shooting star press.

- Sienna defeats Rosemary to retain in the Last Knockout Standing match.

- Trevor Lee out, fighting champion, he scoured the globe, he has found the king of Mexico, Octagoncito is his opponent. Octagoncito defeats Trevor Lee by count out, Sonjay Dutt tries to get his belt back but Trevor escapes through the crowd.

- Time is running out for Grado, JB asking the crowd to convince LVN that marrying Grado is the right thing to do. Grado calls LVN down to the ring. Grado proposes. Braxton Sutter comes out and brings Allie to the back for no reason. Kongo Kong out and he scared Grado and Joseph Park away, LVN calms down Kongo and they leave.

- Dezmond Xavier defeats Drago to advance to the finals of the Super X Cup.

- Mumbai Cat defeats Trevor Lee. Mumbai Cat is Sonjay Dust. Sonjay challenges Trevor to a ladder match on 8/17 at Destination X.

- Eli Drake vs Eddie Edwards never happens as Kongo Kong destroys Eddie in the back before the match.

- Grand Championship match up next, Prichard, Dutch, and D'Amore as judges. Moose vs EC3. Split decision, D'Amore and Dutch score a tie, Prichard scores it 10-8, EC3 wins the Grand Championship.

- Main event is Alberto vs LAX in a gauntlet match. Alberto beat Homicide in seconds. Alberto defeats Ortiz. Alberto defeats Santana by DQ when all of LAX attacks him. Dos Caras & The Veterans of War out to save Alberto. Faces celebrate to close out the show.

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