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WWE legend reportedly in bad shape; Chelsea Green update
Early idea for New Day & how 'pancakes' gimmick started
The Rock reaches new milestone
Eric Bischoff comments on the Hulk Hogan backlash
Former Brock Lesnar rival training with WWE
Booker T comments on Hogan and Lashley/Lesnar
Bret Hart issues long statement regarding Owen/Martha
When Brock Lesnar is expected back on WWE television
Spoilers: Card set for NXT Takeover: Brooklyn IV
Breaking news: Major NXT spoiler from tonight's tapings
Titus ONeil issues statement regarding Hulk Hogan
Aries comments on unhappy wrestlers in WWE
Miz speaks out about World Title match not closing PPVs
Latest names rumored for the Mae Young Classic
Kane injury update; What Rollins said to Cormier
Lesnar unhappy about Cormier confrontation?
Rousey's husband interested in a WWE run?
Kofi Kingston issues statement regarding Hogan and WWE
Good news for RAW; Mysterio comments on Bryan
Several new WWE NXT signings revealed/confirmed
Cryptic Titus O'Neil post referencing Hulk Hogan?
TV star wants to wrestle 'Cold Stone' Steve Austin
Why WWE changed plans with the Extreme Rules PPV
News on Orton's return; Big Jericho match announced
Owens storyline update; When Charlotte will be cleared
How the WWE locker room reacted to Hogan's return
WWE confirms the return of WarGames
Interesting trivia about the IC Title match at Extreme Rules
Miz reacts to Hogan's return; First new Hogan/WWE video
Arquette returns to the ring; Masa Saito passes away
Report on Kane's injury; Rollins reacts to PPV crowd
Extreme Rules 2018 results: Rollins vs. Ziggler
Extreme Rules 2018 results: Styles vs. Rusev
Extreme Rules 2018 results: Alexa vs. Nia Jax
Extreme Rules 2018 results: Reigns vs. Lashley
Extreme Rules 2018 results: Team Hell No vs. Bludgeon Bros
Extreme Rules 2018 results: Strowman vs. Owens
Extreme Rules 2018 results: Hardy vs. Nakamura
Extreme Rules 2018 results: Carmella vs. Asuka
Extreme Rules 2018 results: Balor vs. Corbin
Extreme Rules 2018 results: Hardy/Wyatt vs. B-Team
Extreme Rules 2018 results: Sanity vs. New Day
Extreme Rules 2018 results: Almas vs. Sin Cara
Final betting odds for tonight's Extreme Rules PPV
Last-minute backstage news regarding Extreme Rules
Report: Daniel Bryan and Hulk Hogan sign new WWE deals
Hulk Hogan reinstated into WWE Hall of Fame
Kofi says there is no need for New Day to split
Top indy star not interested in WWE; Enzo/All In
Major WWE legend spotted near the site of Extreme Rules
Rich Swann comments on his Impact Wrestling run so far
Daniel Bryan comments on his contractual status with WWE
Ziggler speaks out about creative frustrations with WWE
WWE comments on ROH/NJPW; Takahashi injury update
Becky Lynch speaks out about confidence issues
MVP talks about being backstage at RAW 25
12th match added to Extreme Rules; All In announce team
WWE star calls out The Rock; Mysterio/NJPW update
Sheamus comments on SD Live spot and the writing
Haku talks about working with his sons in NJPW
Updated card for Impact Wrestling Slammiversary
Lesnar confirmed for SSlam; Barnett's role in JR incident
Joint ROH/NJPW show announced for MSG
Nick Aldis comments on why WWE hasn't signed him
Update on Bryan's future with WWE; Wrestling/Emmys
Main event for Extreme Rules; Lesnar accused of doping
Rumors about WWE PPV changes; NJPW attendance
Martha Hart issues statement in response to Bret Hart
NXT injury reportedly a work; Good news for GLOW
Booker T open to returning for one more match?
Why Lesnar's UFC appearance was ignored on RAW
Inactive WWE star preparing for comeback
Rock comments on return to WWE; All-women WWE PPV?
The current favorites to win at WWE Extreme Rules
Ex-WWE Diva's return announced for Mae Young Classic
Bret Hart critical of how WWE treats wrestlers
Goldust has surgery on both of his knees
Chris Jericho comments on NJPW's style and being safe
When Ambrose is expected back; Foley comments on Chyna
Injury updates on Fandango and Takahashi
This week's WWE RAW sees record-low viewership
11 matches now confirmed for Extreme Rules PPV
Knockout signed to long-term deal; Rock's daughter in WWE?
Possible reason why Sheamus/Cesaro haven't been on TV
Bryan's creative suggestions; Nikki Cross/main roster
How Vince reacted to Impact moving to Monday nights
Rollins speaks out about Hart calling him 'unsafe'
How Lesnar/UFC return was hidden & rumored fight date
WWE changes city/date for TLC PPV
Lesnar/USADA update; Interesting Enzo merchandise
Update on Ric Flair having surgery on Monday
Update on Jim Ross being injured at NJPW event
Bischoff open to WWE return? Flair has surgery
Nick Aldis' next NWA Title defense revealed
JR injured at NJPW; Charlotte responds to negativity
Cormier responds to critics of his confrontation with Lesnar
Takahashi injury update and Omega reacts to the news
WWE star teases an appearance at All In
Hendrix responds to Lethal's statement about accusations
Reactions to dangerous spots from NJPW's G1 Special


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