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Posted by Aaron Rift on 03/10/2017 at 09:15 PM

If you were wondering what inspired Reby Sky’s online rant about TNA Impact Wrestling, the reason for it is that TNA sent the Hardys a cease and desist letter today. Basically, the company is demanding that the Hardys stop using the “Broken” characters and anything related to them. Impact Wrestling is claiming that they own the intellectual property of the gimmick since it was created while the Hardys were under contract to the company.

Here is what Anthem’s Ed Nordholm sent out on Twitter shortly before news of the legal threat became public:

"We thank @matthardybrand for a superb performance in Broken Universe. May the seven deities guide with their Broken Brilliance left behind.  @MATTHARDYBRAND Broken Universe will always be here. Kudos to the creative team behind the vision @JeremyBorash @paradysexoxo @Lagana @Billy"

As previously noted, Matt Hardy recently fired a trademark for the name “Broken” Matt Hardy on March 1st, right after his contract with TNA expired. It’ll be interesting to see how this legal battle plays out.

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