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Posted by Aaron Rift on 03/10/2017 at 04:39 PM

Reby Hardy posted the following rant about TNA Impact Wrestling management on Twitter:

"Can we just talk about how many times Matt's contract could have been broken due to NUMEROUS issues on TNA end and never made a fuss about shit, but MFers wanna try & come at us NOW, *after the fact* ?! Don't you have an owl to promote or some shit !? Or - I dunno - a company to "make great" ? Instead of acting like the petty little bitches you are ???? Speaking of petty, nice video package on TNA's "history": with NO visual or mention of Jeff - who gave his all for 7 YEARS - or Kurt ?! But y'all sure made sure to get those two video ID shoots of Jeff Jarrett in there LMAO. But it's "just business, brother", right ? PETTY. Everything these boys have done for the company & you wanna try & f*** us for the sake of it. Literally no other reason except YOU MAD lol. How about my husband leaving me A DAY AFTER GIVING BIRTH to make your TV tapings ? That's how dedicated this MFer was to the company. How about how the 3 highest rated TV segments of 2016 were financed by HARDYS solely to help the product & because they BELIEVED IN TNA. Or ALL THE SHIT TALKING BY JJ throughout contract negotiations & Matt was STILL THERE, professional & trying to make things work for 2017 ! Oh & this the best part...these MFers trying to come after SEŅOR BENJAMIN.


"Seņor Benjamin" - my dad, by the way - who was never paid a dime by the company & who was obviously never under contract. Not that those contract things mean anything to TNA...Until after they're over or until 3 days before they expire, apparently. Funny thing is, everyone who ever actually had anything to do with ‪#BROKEN‬ Matt Hardy has our back on this.


Damn near 20% of your roster leaving in the span of a week, all citing the same reasons or none at all.


And then a fakeass "wishing you well" tweet from ‪@EdNordholm‬, mere HOURS before threatening to sue us. SUCH A FITTING END, MAN. Seriously, you couldn't write this shit... Well. TNA couldn't write this shit... any writers worth a shit left too ! Real cute how TNA can go radio silent for WEEKS (with exception of nonsensical drunk texts from JJ) but we get a 2 hour deadline to respond. Good luck explaining to your talent that their pay checks are late (again) because you're spending all your $$ suing the Hardys.

And f*** that owl."

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