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Posted by Aaron Rift on 03/04/2017 at 06:09 PM

Thanks to SirOwenDisney, JRImpactAsylum, and Mr. Jacob Cohen for the following Impact Wrestling spoilers. This show will air on March 23th and March 30th.

- Karen Jarrett opens the show. Karen brings up Maria's nervous breakdown leaving the company. She won't tolerate bullying in her Knockouts locker room & calls out Sienna. Karen hasn't heard one positive thing about Sienna from the locker room to backstage to the boys. She doesn't tolerate bullying. Sienna blames Allie for telling her this. Sienna got here on her own merits & class, not because of who she married. They go face to face. Karen gives Sienna 15 seconds to apologize to her face. Kevin Matthews shows up & announced Sienna is his cousin. Going by KM now. KM says you have 15 seconds to apologize to Sienna & his family. Counts down & here comes Braxton Sutter & Allie. Braxton clears KM out of the ring. Karen makes KM VS. Braxton for later in the night.

- DJZ v Andrew Everett. Everett pins DJZ. Helms and Lee come out. Next week Everett will have an opportunity. Not sure if that is a title shot or hurdle.

- JB Interview with Rosemary. JB asks who's left to defeat. Rosemary took care of everyone, the rest should accept the inevitable Decay. ODB interrupts to introduce herself to Rosemary. Toasts to her. Soon she will become 5 Time Knocked Up Champ. Rosemary says you consider yourself worthy but then give disagrees. Bye bye. Knockouts Locker Room stops her including Madison, MJ, Sia, Rebel, ACR, Brandi & K.C. They all end up brawling. ODB & Rosemary fight to the back as we hear the music & everyone powders leaving K.C., MJ & Brandi. Madison hid by Josh the whole segment.

- EC3 comes out in a suit for a promo. He's here to apologize to Karen for losing his cool. He looks forward to making Impact great... He wasn't happy with the man he's been becoming. Impact is changing & so should he. He needs to be the real EC3. He will not rest until he's an EC 3 Time World Champion. James Storm comes out in DCC black & white but acting like the Cowboy of old. Storm didn't hear his name, wants to know why. He's not a multiple time champion so he wasn't mentioned. Storm built Impact. In 2002 he was on the first pay per view. He brings up AMW & Beer Money. Always asking where EC3 was. Drinking beer & spending money. They both want to be champion. Ethan respects him but this is a decision that should be decided by the fans. James it might be your last call but these people are gonna make the right call.

- Karen comes out with a document & now we have a Knockouts Battle Royal to determine the challenger to Rosemary.

- Impact: KM(w/ Sienna) VS. Braxton Sutter (w/ Allie). Sienna grabbed Allie distracting Braxton & KM finished him with the Powerbomb into a Lungblower. Allie & Sienna went at it then Braxton & KM got involved. KM & Sienna powder. Laurel Van Ness in the dress at the top of the entrance. She yells at Allie & Braxton to end the segment.

- 4 Way for Impact Tag Titles: Garza Jr. & Laredo Kid VS. Reno Scum VS. Decay VS. EYFBO(LAX). This will air on the 30th. EYFBO over when Ortiz hit a Blockbuster off the top as Draztik hit a sitout powerbomb on Laredo Kid. New champions LAX.

- Knockouts Number One Contender is Now a Gauntlet Match.

- Eli Drake(w/ Tyrus) VS. Caleb Konley. Drake wins with the Air Raid Crash after a Superplex caused by Tyrus interference.

- Josh on the mic getting up in JB's face again. JB says tonight is gonna be the night he knocks Josh's ass out. Here comes Bruce Pritchard for Something To Wrestle with JB & Josh. He's not comparable to Bob Ross much less Jim Ross. Bruce is sick of it. He's had enough. Bruce stops the bickering. Wants to find out in the ring. Josh takes his jacket off & Bruce tells him to put it back on. Both men will pick a team & next week Josh's Team VS. Jeremy's Team to find out who knows what they are talking about. May the better man win. Bruce makes them shake hands. They do begrudgingly.

- Knockouts Gauntlet: K.C. Quinn then Madison Rayne who Josh applauds at ringside. Next participant is Rebel. Here comes Amanda Rodriguez. It's 2 on 2 now. MJ Jenkins is out at 5th. Madison is staying away from everyone. 6th is Sia Montez. Madison hugs the turnbuckle as everyone fights. 7 is ODB as Rebel takes out Rodriguez. She stacks everyone & hits the avalanche then bronco buster. ODB takes out K.C. as Brandi comes out as the final participant. Brandi tosses Montez as MJ dumps Rebel & down to the final four. Brandi & ODB toss MJ as Madison ends up eliminating Brandi. Madison mocks ODB. ODB hits the BAM & pins Madison to become the number one contender to Knockouts Champion Rosemary.

- Cowboy James Storm is back with his old theme & video & drinking a beer for a promo. The old owners said there was no room for a beer drinking redneck in this company. Storm is that guy & damn proud of it. Storm will do whatever it takes to once again become World Heavyweight Champion. Sorry About Your.....here comes Kingston & Bram to interrupt with Bram holding a chair. Kingston calls Storm a liar. He stomps the DCC mask & takes off the jacket. He doesn't care about the people or even Storm's son. You are a carny liar. Storm brought Kingston to the company, made the DCC. They would be Tag Champs & Storm would be World Champ. Kingston calls Storm a selfish little bitch. Storm could've went to Tinder if he wanted a bitch. Spit in Storm's face. He drops Kingston. Bram swings the chair & Storm Last Call into Bram. Sorry About Your Damn Luck. A hot segment with the pro Storm crowd. Cowboy is Back!

- Andrew Everett VS. Marshe Rockett VS. Suicide. Everett wins with a Shooting Star Press on Rockett.

- Last Man Standing Match with Davey & Eddie. They start fighting immediately. They fight in the crowd & in the bleachers. Eddie missed a Pescado using the rail & nailed a garbage can. Davey sets up two chairs aide beside & Eddie powerbombs him through them. Chair stack set up mid ring. Davey hits a Superplex on the pile. Alisha comes to ringside. Davey has a chain & blasts Eddie with it. One more shot as Angelina gets on the apron for the makeout. Eddie fights back with chops until Davey chokes him with the chain. Eddie up at 9. He fights back with chops & a belly to belly into the corner. Running chair shot in the corner to Davey twice. Tie to Tree of Woe with 3 chairs on top. Hesitation Dropkick chairs into Davey. Davey's head in the chair. Eddie hits Double Stomp off the top then Angelina attacks. Alisha takes her down. She whips Angelina with her belt outside the ring. Angelina gets upper hand. Davey chair shot to Eddie as Angelina holds him. Davey wraps chain around his boot. Davey contemplates for a moment as Angelina wants him to end it. She kisses him. Davey hits the round kick with the chain on Eddie. He can't answer the 10 count. Davey wins. Definitely a feud ender here & a brutal way to do so. Should come off great on tv. Eddie is helped to the back.

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