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Posted by Aaron Rift on 03/03/2017 at 06:19 PM

Thanks to SirOwenDisney, JRImpactAsylum, and Mr. Jacob Cohen for the following Impact Wrestling spoilers. This show will air on March 16th.

- Cody attacks Moose with a chair on the way to the ring for his match with Eli Drake, then gives him crossroads on the stage. Eli Drake vs Moose does not happen.

- Cody vs Moose for the Grand Championship up now, this is the final match at the taping. Cody accidentally hit a judge and the judge is incapacitated. Bruce Prichard is out and he will be the 3rd judge. Round 1 has been awarded to Moose. Round 2 has been awarded to Cody. Brandi walks out on Cody before the start of Round 3. Moose wins by split decision.

- World Title is Vacant due to the Controversy at last night's Tapings. JB just made the announcement to the crowd.

- Rebel VS. ODB. Earl kissed Rebel old school style wearing Rebel's hat. Earl drank the flask & kissed Rebel. ODB over with the TKO.

- JB tells us that the vacated title has been returned to Lashley.

- They're advertising Jim Ross' live show.

- Alberto says he would still be champ if not for politics, calls out Lashley, EC3 comes out. EC3 calls for a match against Alberto to earn a shot at Lashley. Patron says the fans make the rules & they want to see Lashley-Patron. Patron leaves, EC3 calls him out. Says he's loco. Alberto has no mas testicles. No cahones/yes he does dueling chant from the live crowd. Alberto is here to fight the big dog not the bitch. They brawl to a let them fight chant. Alberto: Let's dance tonight perro.

- Suicide VS. Andrew Everett VS. Braxton Sutter VS. X-Division Champion Trevor Lee for the title. Lee pins Sutter after Laurel causes a distraction. Sienna says she hopes Allie/Sutter have fun while it lasts. First time they sleep together will be a hospital. Sienna leaves.

- Something To Wrestle with Bruce Pritchard Segment. Prichard, titles are won in the ring not in space. No one knows who tag champs are. Going to find out. We are gonna find out in 2 weeks when the Top 4 Teams battle to crown New Impact Tag Team Champions. Decay enter the Impact Zone. Decay say they rescued the titles from space and time and demand Prichard give them the belts. Reno Scum out next. They beat DCC & deserve to be champions. Laredo Kid & Garza Jr. come out. They are here for the Tag championships. Three way brawl. Decay left standing. LAX are Back! Konnan on the mic. To Live & Die in LAX. Homicide hit the Gringo Killa on Steve. They laid out Rosemary with a 3D variation. Great reaction. They left Decay buried under The flags as an exclamation point.

- Davey Richards VS. Suicide. Davey wins with a Shining Wizard in good back & forth match. More make out with Angelina Love follows.

- Idris Abraham/Fallah Bahh/Mario Bokara VS. Garza Jr./Laredo Kid/Mahabali Shera. Shera wins with the Sky High following double dives from Garza & Laredo onto Bokara & Bahh.

- Decay VS. Reno Scum. Rosemary accidentally misted Steve leading to being pressed onto Abyss outside. Reno wins with the double team curb stomp & leapfrog double Stomp combo on Steve.

- DCC (Storm/Bram) v LAX. Angel Ortiz & Mike Draztik win after Storm gets water spit into his face by Kingston & a double team flip facebuster. Bram separates Kingston & Storm from fighting. Storm in Bram's face then leaves. Bram leaves & finally Kingston leaves.

- Lashley VS. Jake Holmes. Lashley wins in a squash with the Murder Death Kill spear.

- Karen Jarrett is Back & being interviewed by JB. Karen is looking to changes in the future. Big Fire Josh chant. She'll write that down on her list of changes. Thank You Karen chants. She thanks the fans & is interrupted by EC3. He can feel the energy in The Impact Zone bay bay. We have the best fans in the world. Locker room is one of the greatest he's ever been in. Wants to make Impact great. Only true original star of this company. Your top man is reporting for duty. Together we'll make Impact great. I'm not doing it for your last name, I'm doing it for mine. Josh stops everyone, he has something to say. Evil tyrant queen has returned. First thing is putting JB Squad with the All Star at that table. Hoped Pritchard was dead, he likes Dutch but he's 267 years old. Now this troll who was a stooge for 25 years. You come here for free because you can't afford a ticket to NXT. Brings up Madison as his wife. It's only a matter of time before the Jarrett family is gone from Impact forever. She slaps Josh & he bumps off it. Amazing heat for Josh tonight. It's unreal in here. JB flips him off before leaving with Karen. Everyone leaves one by one. As Josh sells the slap, Madison Rayne comes out & consoles Josh. Madison thanks Josh for telling the truth & they both leave.

- Rosemary VS. Santana Garrett. Rosemary wins with the Red Wedding in a solid match.

- Alberto El Patron VS. EC3. El Patron makes EC3 tap to the armbar. Patron on the mic. You can't leave yet until I pay you the respect you deserve as a competitor. I've faced the most dangerous opponents & you gave me one of the best matches of my career. They shake hands as Patron applauds EC3 as he leaves the ring. Alberto thanks everyone including putting over "his girlfriend" then leaves.

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