Don't piss off Jeff Hardy's diehard fans...
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 09/09/2018 at 03:29 PM

Following the 2011 TNA Victory Road PPV, there was a post on regarding the outcome of the Sting/Jeff Hardy match. The reason going around for the match being so short was that TNA was concerned about Hardy's condition. A number of Hardy fans decided to speak out against and here is what they said...

Itchweeeds_Brat: @nodqdotcom will u shut up an stop trying to make urselfs look good god damn enuff is enuff stop telling lies and makin up shit no one believes ur asses dumbass dirtsheets

Yuk728: @nodqdotcom dude f*** YOU Jeff has done more for the business than most of the guys out their what has ur fatass ever done? Oh I know NOTHIN

TATTOOEDSPIRIT: @nodqdotcom How about backin off @JEFFHARDYBRAND nuts for a bit and start chewin ur own. Do you know this shit 4 fact? No. So step off.

ELLIOTTBRAND: @Nodqdotcom mind ur damn business... get ur facts straight.. u dont have to talk about tha bad in wrestling. Dont talk bout court dates for Certain wrestlers... its none ur damn business nor anyones business but the wrestlers!

April Rose Hardy: @nodqdotcom How about you stop telling rumers or what ever crap you guys are saying about @JEFFHARDYBRAND He's just as human as we all are. We all make mistakes and that stuff.

TiffanyRenee84: Dear @nodqdotcom I understand your job is to report wrestling, good and bad. Just because a wrestler has a court case doesn't mean it needs To be attached to every article you post about that wrestler on site. I dont see the good/charity work attached to every article.

...and here are some responses from visitors...

DanAce: @nodqdotcom It's okay, they'll tire themselves out. It's already way past their bedtime!

HighSocietyPunk: @nodqdotcom LOL! OH NOES! I hope they don't throw face paint and high amounts of drugs at you.

npproductionz: @nodqdotcom that's silly, they'll only forget about you when they get the munchies in 10 minutes from all the exerted energy

CholYerlow2: @nodqdotcom don't you mean the "Creatures of the Night"? They must also be in a cave as well if they can't see how terrible #TNA has been

johnreport: @nodqdotcom Ignore them like TNA ignores a drug testing policy. Because they can't spend money on that. Only on Jersey Shore "talent."

KnightsFan89: @nodqdotcom Why do they bother defending a person who could care less about fans or anyone but himself anymore?In Character and in real life

BadAssKid: @nodqdotcom half the people attacking you can't spell. Probably high like @jeffhardybrand their messiah.

MemphisSportFan: @nodqdotcom Don't worry only people on drugs like Jeff Hardy. They will forget about you in about 10 minutes.

Coolnerdtv: Aye Jeff Hardy Fans #ShutThef***Up dude was wasted and had a 60 second match leave @Nodqdotcom alone lol

BenRoyTurner: @nodqdotcom I'll help you, RT this! Jeff Hardy sheep need to get a life!

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