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Posted by Aaron Rift on 02/25/2012 at 02:27 PM

I am here to answer your WWE and TNA questions to the best of my ability. I'm having fun with it, so don't expect all the answers to be serious! Follow myself and NoDQ.com on Twitter and Facebook to get breaking news and commentary.

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Hey Arron do you think Rey Mysterio will be back for Wrestlemania? If so who should be his opponent?

Even if he's ready by Wrestlemania, I don't think it would make sense for him to be in a match. There wouldn't be enough time for him to establish a feud unless you have him face Del Rio again. If he were to appear at Mania, I think it would be more fitting for him to do a surprise run-in or something along those lines.

Hey Aaron, love the website and videos. Do you ANY other wrestling federation rising up and challenging WWE? I just feel wrestling is healthier with two strong promotions. I know its a long shot but is it possible?

That's what everyone wants but it doesn't appear to be on the horizon for the time being. Then again, all it would take for TNA is to have one major breakout star and everything could change.

can you put up a poll asking which match will steal the show at wrestlemania and answer it your self. personally i think punk/jericho will be the best wrestling match on the card with hhh/undertaker second because of the story, your thoughts?

Punk/Jericho will be the best technical match, HHH/Taker will be the most intense match, and Cena/Rock will have the most heat. It's a perfect card because you have something for everybody and the top three matches can be great in their own ways.

What were your thoughts on Cena's "Hoeski" promo?

A nice attempt to try and get the male fans behind Cena. Don't think it will work in the long run but I give them credit for the effort.

What ever happened to sin cara?

Did you not watch Survivor Series?

Why is it that WWE has to pay royalties for music, yet ROH doesn't? I understand WWE is much bigger, yet ROH does sell DVD's with the music on there. I think the WWE guys would benefit by selecting their own music. Please answer in text form

I'm not sure how the whole thing works, but perhaps since ROH is a small operation it is cheaper for them to get licensing on a limited basis. With WWE, they are a major national company so it is going to cost them more to license songs.

Hey Aaron, why did WWE make mr Kennedy drop the MITB briefcase to edge in 2007?

WWE thought he had a serious injury. As it turned out, it wasn't as bad as expected but by that point they already did the angle.

What if Goldberg got his start today with the exact same push? Goldberg was never the best in ring performer and had no mic skills. Would the IWC like him or treat him like Cena for winning too much too easily? I think the IWC would...We hate everything

If Goldberg started today there probably would be no Goldberg character. WWE would never give a green rookie the push that WCW gave Goldberg in the 90's.

Hey Aaron, Why did WWE end Vladimir Koslov's late 2008/early 2009 push so abruptly? It seemed like he got quite a bit of heel heat.

He got heel heat? Maybe I had my TV on mute when he faced HHH at Survivor Series.

is the john cena vs the rock match will be like Hulk Hogan Vs. Rock at Wrestlemania X8?

You could say they are similar but Rock/Cena will technically be a much better match.

Hey aaron. my friend and I were reminiscing about Half Time Heat. i thought it was very entertaining but he thought it was pointless and had a terrible ending. what are your thoughts?

I absolutely loved it. Rock and Mankind were tremendous. But as your friend mentioned, the ending sucked.

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