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Posted by Aaron Rift on 03/28/2006 at 01:32 PM

WrestleMania VIII was held at the Hoosier Dome in Indianapolis, Indiana on April 5, 1992. Country singer Reba McEntire performed "The Star-Spangled Banner" at the beginning of the show. Family Feud's Ray Combs also made an appearance before the 8-man tag match. The event was commentated by Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan.

* This is the first WrestleMania to use the generic "WrestleMania ring apron skirt" and "rafter banner." They would be subsequently used until WrestleMania 13. (However, there were only three ring apron skirts prepared in time, leaving the one on the blind-side of the "hard" (fixed) camera just black. This is visible when The Undertaker tombstones Jake Roberts on the floor.)
* Sid Eudy wrestled in two WrestleManias in his career, WrestleMania 8 and WrestleMania 13. He was in the main event of both shows, although under different names (Sid Justice and Sycho Sid). He also appeared at WrestleMania XI, but in a non-wrestling role.
* This was Shawn Michaels' and Bret Hart's first singles Wrestlemania match. The two would main-event WrestleMania XII four years later.
* The finish to the Justice-Hogan match actually did not occur as planned since Papa Shango missed his cue to come to the ring and break up Hogan's pinfall of Justice. Sid inadvertently became the first man to kick out of Hogan's legdrop - a rare occasion by any standard. Play-by-play man Gorilla Monsoon announced that Justice was disqualified because Papa Shango interfered, but the bell rang before Shango came out. WWF Magazine stated that Justice was disqualified because of his manager, Harvey Whippleman, though Harvey did nothing aside from standing up on the apron. Hogan seized him and referee Earl Hebner rang the bell.
* Two of the matches from this show (the WWF and Intercontinental title matches) were widely listed on 'Best of 1992' lists by wrestling pundits.
* This featured the WrestleMania debut of Skinner, Tatanka, Sid Justice, and Ric Flair.
* It was widely rumored that the main event of this show was scheduled to be Ric Flair vs. Hulk Hogan in a WWF Title "dream match" which had been built up for months. Supposedly the plan was changed when news broke of Hogan's departure, or perhaps because of an unwillingness on Hogan's part to lose to Flair (though the fact that Flair lost the title to Randy Savage anyway puts this in question). A Flair-Hogan main event was initially announced on WWF television, but only by way of planting the seeds for Sid Justice's heel turn which led to the eventual Hogan-Justice main event.
* This was the first WrestleMania where the WWF Champion or the Title was not featured in the main event. The championship match was billed as half of a "double main event," but it was slotted in the middle of the card.
* This was the second WrestleMania where Randy Savage won the WWF Championship, and the last.
* The singles title matches also share something that was highly taboo in the WWF at the time: the appearance of blood in the contest. Speculation was that Bret Hart was able to convince the backstage crew that he had been accidentally "busted open," but Ric Flair was unfortunately caught blading directly on camera and was fined several thousand dollars.
* This was the last WrestleMania to feature Gorilla Monsoon as a commentator.
* One of the officials at ringside during the Randy Savage/Ric Flair match was Shane McMahon.
* This would be Jake "The Snake" Roberts' last WWF appearance in four years.
* The second consecutive WrestleMania (and fourth overall) to feature a title match ending in a count out or disqualification. In this instance, Money Inc. retained their tag titles by being counted out.

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