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Posted by J. Elam on 05/10/2017 at 08:58 AM

Revenge. One side does something crappy to the other, and the other side retaliates. Sounds fair, right? An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth. You get the gist. So why do people have problems when a face gets some payback against a heel after a bad beating, or after being beaten over and over?

I've seen people complaining about Roman Reigns' attacking of Braun Strowman on this past episode of Monday Night Raw. Lots of "Roman's a face; he should be above it" and "He should get revenge the right way." Neither of those arguments makes any sense whatsoever. Yes, Roman's a face. But when you're beaten post-match, thrown off a ledge while strapped to a stretcher, then trapped in an ambulance that gets flipped over, you seek vengeance, right? So, this past Monday, Roman did just that. He took advantage of a weakness in Braun Strowman (elbow) and sent him running for the hills. Granted it was done to write Braun off so he can have surgery on his elbow, but I've seen people saying Roman was in the wrong. I disagree.

Despite the crowd's reaction, it was actually a well done segment. Braun attacked Kalisto (something he's been doing for weeks), and was likely going to do more. Reigns, the face, made the save. No telling if it was his intent to save Kalisto, but he made the save nonetheless. His music hit, he made his way to the ring, stared down Braun, and then they fought. Roman did just about everything a face should do. No sneak attacks or anything about it. He saw an opening with Braun's elbow, grabbed the chair, and swung away. After all the assaults, Roman took justice into his own hands. Nothing out of bounds or unfair about it. I'm honestly not sure what he should've done that would have been deemed "the right thing to do." What's he supposed to do, wait until Braun's healthy? The way I see it, Braun was giving him no other choice but to grab a weapon and attack him in return. What did Braun think was gonna happen? That Roman was going to be his pushover and never seek payback (no pun intended).

I see absolutely no problem with what Roman did. Braun had it coming. Anyone who tries to claim otherwise probably doesn't understand how wrestling works. Hell, I'd even go as far as saying how the world works.

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