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Posted by Jordan Turner on 04/16/2017 at 12:59 PM

Hello Wrestling Fans, Welcome go my wrestling column. Hope you all enjoy what you read. I give it all I got and I hope you all see that, I'm going through some things personally. So I'll really appreciate for you all to like my posts and comment if you'd like. Again thank you.

•First WWE Hot Topics. {Matches I'd Like To See WWE Do For WrestleMania 34 In New Orleans.}

This topic I shouldn't be talking about because it's not even 2018 yet. But I said to myself "Well why not talk about this." So I'm gonna drop down 5 matches that I'd like to see at WrestleMania 34.
1. Charlotte Flair vs Auska. SmackDownLIVE Women's Championship. This is indeed a marquee match up, I'm so happy that Sasha Banks and Charlotte are away from each other from the time being. I think we all collectively know that Charlotte winning The SmackDownLIVE Women's Championship is imminent. I see her holding that title leading into WrestleMania 34 of next year I just see it, now you need a legit opponent for her. Auska I feel should go to SmackDownLIVE, she needs to go to SmackDownLIVE because well Shinske Nakamura is on there. Why not have two Japanese talented people on the blue brand, that's just me.
2. Brock Lesnar vs Samoa Joe. This fight can be massive for WWE. These two can legit go in that ring and destroy there opponents and make there matches legit. Hopefully Brock faces Joe eventually.
3. Sasha Banks vs Bayley. RAW Women's Championship. This is a match I don't see WWE saving for WrestleMania 34 which is a dam shame in my opinon. We all know Sasha is gonna turn heel soon, my prediction is that she turns heel at Payback because Payback is in San Jose, CA were that's Bayey's hometown which makes perfect sense to do. I see WWE doing this match for SummerSlam which that honestly makes sense from them to do it at were Bayley defeated Sasha Banks at Brooklyn were SummerSlam will be located. I just don't see them saving this marquee match up for that long.
4. "Broken" Matt Hardy vs Bray Wyatt. Yes I said "Broken" the fact is Matt Hardy needs to become broken eventually like seriously. Jeff can become to Jeff we saw in 2009 in a singles run because I feel like yeah it's cool seeing The Hardy Boyz but I feel like the spotlight will wear off soon.
5: AJ Styles vs Shinske Nakamura. WWE Championship. This is a match that so many WWE fans are dying to see and were all hoping they save it for WrestleMania 34 were it can main event the show. It's very possible that Styles walks into WrestleMania 34 the (C) and Nakamura wins the 2018 Royal Rumble. I just wanna see the dam match soon, I also wanna see AJ Styles vs Seth Rollins eventually as well because Styles has faced both Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns but not Seth Rollins I find that interesting. But those are the matches I'd like to see at WrestleMania 34.

•Second WWE Hot Topic {Why WWE Needs To Always Change Plains All The Dam Time}

I feel like Vince changes plains on the fly and as a company that's a horrible philosophy to live by in my personal opinion. He and the writing team needs to have plains well thought out and ready to go. I wanna be a writer for WWE one day but I gurentte most of my ideas WILL NOT GO THROUGH VINCE MCMAHON. Most of the creative team can like it but it's up to Vince McMahon to approve of it. Hearing reports following shows that Vince did stuff last minute and on the fly, that's just not good at all. Wonder why people are walking on egg shells within WWE and I feel like Vince just needs to come to grips that he needs to step down and have Triple H take control of WWE. Because if it's the vision that Triple H is doing for NXT and he wants that vision for SmackDownLIVE and RAW then he needs to get the kings to the kingdom like seriously. Vince simply just needs to get it together, listen I thank Vince so much for giving us the fans WWE from were if us years apon years ago to were it's at now. But storylines aren't consistent, characters are no more, no legit faces and heels it's basically whoever you like your gonna support no matter if that particular person is a heel or face. That sucks and we need legit faces and heels back within WWE once again I know I'm not the only one that wants that as well. That's all I got guys. I'll see y'all tomorrow night. Take care now. If you support me and you read my columns from the bottom of my hear thank you so much. #NoDQ #WWE #HotTopics

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