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Posted by Jordan Turner on 04/15/2017 at 10:40 PM

Hello Wrestling Fans, Welcome to my Wrestling Post. Hope you all enjoy this post and al the other posts I've ever done. I wanna get well known within the wrestling community and wrestling business. Hope you all support what I'm doing.

•Introduction Storyline

Now we all know that The {WWE Shake Up} just happened and now I'm doing this because Charlotte is now on SmackDownLIVE and Becky is on there still so I said to myself "Well I always wanted to do a storyline involving Becky Lynch, I just couldn't find her an opponent but now I found one." So were gonna kick this storyline on SmackDownLIVE following this {WWE Superstar Shake Up.} We have Naomi come out and she says "I won The SmackDownLIVE Women's Championship at WrestleMania 33 in my hometown of Orlando, FL and I wanna defend my title with pride and be a fighting champion." We see GM Daniel Bryan come out and he says "Alright Naomi, yes your indeed a fighting champion and we got Backlash coming within three weeks and you don't have an opponent. So were gonna do a mini tournament starting tonight and the winner will face you for your SmackDownLIVE Women's Championship at Backlash in the main event." So the opening match kicks us off.

___First Round. Carmella vs Natayla. Winner-Natayla. She wins and match last for about a good 10 mins. Natayla moves on.

___First Round. Charlotte Flair vs Taumina. Winner-Winner-Charlotte Flair. She wins and the match last for about just 8 mins. Charlotte moves on.

___First Round. Becky Lynch vs ???? Bryan comes back out and he says "Oh Becky you don't have an opponent. I got one for you and he brings out Sunmer Rae making her in ring return and debut on SmackDownLIVE all at the same time. Winner-Becky Lynch. This match goes for about 9 mins and it's a back and fourth battle. Becky moves on.

___Second Round. Natayla vs Charlotte Flair vs Becky Lynch making it a Triple Threat Match.Winner-Natayla. Shockingly Natayla wins in a great entertaining match. We suddenly see Charlotte Flair legit take a steal chair and start hitting Natayla with it and you see the fans go insane and Becky Lynch comes to the asiats of Charlotte and takes that steal chair. We see Becky grab the chair from Charlotte and tells Charlotte "Cut it out, we've lost." But Charlotte also attacks Becky, then we see Naomi come out to defend born Becky and Natayla. Naomi shoves Charlotte but then Charlotte eye pokes Naomi and just starts hitting Naomi with the steal chair that was still in the ring. She takes out Naomi to end SmackDownLIVE.

•Twist Storyline

Following what we saw on SmackDownLIVE last week. We see Daniel Bryan come out and he says "WWE Universe from what happened last week by the actions of Charlotte Flair sadly Naomi has been stripped of the title and will be out for about 12 months due to a messed up right eye and broken left leg." Then Charlotte comes out and she says "Great Bryan now all I want is for you to give me that SmackDownLIVE Women's Title like The Queen deserves." Becky Lynch comes out and says "Hell no Charlotte, you don't deserve it by the actions you did last week." Natayla comes out and simply doesn't say anything and she just attacks Charlotte. Bryan tells both ladies to stop else there fired, he takes control and says "Becky, Natayla and Charlotte ya'll want that Women's Championship. We're gonna have a Triple Threat SmackDownLIVE Women's Championship Match at Backlash this Sunday. But to make things interesting we're gonna have a Triple Threat Ladder Match and the winner will be crowned New SmackDownLIVE Women's Champion." So all theee ladies say "That's fair." But Shane then comes out and brings out contract signings and has all three ladies sign the contract. So the match is made official for Backlash for The vacate SmackDownLIVE Women's Championship and it will be the main event of Backlash. We see following that both Lynch and Natayla collectively take out Charlotte and both ladies stare at The SmackDownLIVE Women's Championship to close SmackDownLIVE. So fans thought that Naomi would be defending her title at Backlash but instead due to injury she's obviously not able to compete at Backlash so that's why this match is made official via Bryan and Shane.

•Conclusion Storyline

We get to Backlash and we get to the main event of the show which is for The SmackDownLIVE Women's Championship. Between Charlotte Flair vs Becky Lynch vs Naomi in a Ladder Match Triple Threat Match. This incredible match last for about 20 mins and we see risks being taken and just a great story being told. Unfortunately Charlotte Flair wins and becomes The New SmackDownLIVE Women's Champion. Post match Charlotte Flair says "The Queen took over RAW and now the queen is officially here to take over SmackDownLIVE" and that last thing Charlotte said closed Backlash. Now on SmackDownLIVE we see Charlotte beat everyone and she defeats everyone on SmackDownLIVE and holds that title form 6 months until she finds out that her next opponent is her best friend in Becky Lynch. This match is set up via Bryan and this match will take place at The 2018 Royal Rumble. We see video packages from both ladies careers on The Four Horse Women back in the day. Becky says "Your run is over." Charlotte says "Ok Becky you go ahead and think that." We get to the combination at The 2018 Royal Rumble were Charlotte Flair will defend her SmackDownLIVE Women's Title against Becky Lynch. This match is set up because both Shane and Bryan agree that someone needs to take out Charlotte and they can't find anyone except for Naomi but she's still recovering from injury so they picked Becky Lynch. This match last for about 15 mins an a absolute classic, we see Charlotte reign of destruction within the SmackDownLIVE women's division end by the hands of Becky Lynch. Becky is emotional at the end of this and we see Naomi shockingly return and she says "Becky I'm coming for you and I want my title back." There you go guys, that's all I got. Hope you all enjoyed it. Sorry it was posted late, I had things to do today. #NoDQ #WWE #BeckyVsCharlotte I wanna take this opportunity and thank you all that enjoy reading these Imaginary Storyline's and just all the other posts I've ever done. Thank you! See ya'll tomorrow.

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