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Posted by Jordan Turner on 03/19/2017 at 12:53 PM

Hello Wrestling Fans, I just wanna say that I haven't clearly posted anything in a couple of days. My last post that I posted was my SmackDownLIVE Review/Results. I just wanna tell you all right now that it will never happen again and I'll be even more consistent. I've just been having personal problems and my computers just haven't been working very well, so I hope you all understand if not that's fine.

•First WWE Hot Topic. (What Match Should Go On Last At WrestleMania 33?)

Now this is in my own opinion, but to me I wouldn't have Brock Lesnar vs Bill Goldberg be the main event of WrestleMania 33 for The Universal Championship. There's clearly risk that WWE is gonna be running into for example the fans already starting to boo Goldberg and not carrying about the match. . The fans are turning on Goldberg because maybe there just tired of him and maybe he overstated his welcome. Also I suggest that fans aren't that interested in this match potentially main eventing WrestleMania 33. The other reason that I feel like WWE shouldn't have this match go on last is because well the fans will boo it and we all collectively feel like the match won't go that long. When we as fans think of a main event at WrestleMania we think of one that last for about 20, 25 or even 30mins, but we just have to see what goes down. To me I would put either Roman Reigns vs The Undertaker or For The WWE Championship between (C) Bray Wyatt vs Randy Orton. Those would be my clearly two options if Lesnar and Bill Goldberg don't main event.

•Second WWE Hot Topic. (What Match or Matches Can Steal The Show At WrestleMania 33.)

Now I've heard plenty of people say that Austin Aries vs Neville For The Cruiserweight Championship. There saying that match can steal the show and be match of the night. I gotta agree with those people, I feel like it WWE had this match open the show first of all. Then if they give them about 15 mins and then second of all if they have them kick off WrestleMania 33. I'm telling you know that match can indeed be the highlight of WrestleMania 33. I also feel like Shane McMahon vs AJ Styles can indeed steal the show and be one of the matches of the night. I'm hoping this match gets a stipulation added because well if you look at the storyline playing out, it clearly needs it. But I feel like The match that everyone is sleeping on is Roman Reigns vs The Undertaker, now it won't be a 5 star classic clearly but if Reigns was facing the Taker from 2009-2010 then we would have to be talking about this match being match of the night if that was the case. But some people aren't giving this match to much attention which sucks because whoever Taker faces we all collectively get hyped up and excited. There's matches on this card that can absolutely steal the show at WrestleMania 33 don't forget Dean Ambrose vs Baron Corbin for The Intercontinental Championship. This match like Shane and Styles this match clearly needs a stipulation behind it which I believe they will get. Also I feel like they will give this match a stipulation is because they wanna rectify from what happened last year when it was Brock Lesnar vs Dean Ambrose in a "No Holds Barred Match." When we all expected way more from this match and all we got was steal chairs and kendo sticks that's it which sucked. We just gotta see how these matches play out at WrestleMania 33 and we're these marquee matches form and the match placement because that it's gonna be critical not only for me but for many other people. But that's all I got guys, again I'm truly sorry that I haven't been posting. It stops today and I'll be more consistent, it's just that bad business and personal stuff to deal with now I don't anymore so I apologize and I hope you still come out and read my columns because I got tons of posting that will be coming your way because we're on the road to NXT TakeOver Orlando and WrestleMania 33. See ya'll tomorrow for my Monday Night Raw Review/Results. #NoDQ #WWE #Hot #Topics

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