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Posted by Andy Sullivan on 03/16/2017 at 07:59 PM

Man, the road to WrestleMania has certainly accelerated! The main event on Raw was a one-on-one match between....oh wait, it was another in-ring segment. All night it looked like Mick Foley would get canned because you knew he wasn't going to fire anyone. Just as I was bracing myself for the potential GM Kurt Angle after WrestleMania, we instead got the old hostage situation. "Do what we want or we fire your kids". A little overdone but fine.

The other big Raw news is that Reigns vs. Undertaker is moving forward. Yes, it was made official last week. However, this week we got the Shawn Michaels warning of "you better take this seriously. You don't understand". It certainly won't be a wrestling clinic(has an Undertaker match ever been one?) but I'm actually looking forward to it. Do we finally get that Reigns heel turn? He teeters on the line and the fans boo him unmercifully anyway. Complete the cycle.

Moving to SmackDown, I know some fans are upset about the WrestleMania match of Shane McMahon v AJ Styles. "Styles deserves better", they say. Hey, surprises can happen at WrestleMania. I'm thinking this is made into a street fight and there's a Club reunion/beat down of Shane. Word is AJ's going to Raw after the big show anyway. Why not do this to kick off a Club reformation?

I would love Fin Balor to return at WrestleMania. It'll probably be on the Raw after, though. Historically, Raw the night after WrestleMania has been pretty awesome and featured a return on occasion. Recently, however, they've dropped the ball. So, they'll probably prove me wrong and have him return to television a little late. He's already been in the ring at house shows. I figure Fin's time is coming.

What's coming this next week on the Road to WrestleMania? Whatever it is, I'm sure it'll be huge.

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