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Posted by Ryan Latino on 03/12/2017 at 05:07 PM

As a fan I don't want to be negative about something I love. I'm trying to be positive and find the good in the recent PPV Fastlane. A week after watching it and digesting it and reflecting on it I have managed to find a couple of positives but that is it! Even a couple is stretching! I can't remember in a long time probably not since Capital Punishment a PPV so disappointing.
From the opening bout with Joe and Zayn which I was looking forward too it wasn't nowhere near what they did in NXT especially the two out of three falls match. Time constraints shouldn't of been an issue with the non existent main event still to come. This match could easily of been 20-25 minutes and stole the show but it was over pretty quickly without getting out of first gear. The same could of been said for the RAW tag team title match. Never got out of first gear and been seen before. The only bit I enjoyed was the ending with the foot on the rope incident. The show felt like a glorified RAW episode with lots of meaningless matches especially with the Mahal and Rusev angle. It reminded me of the early nineties where the opening matches were put together last minute with no build up and used to make up time. The only positive to come from this was Jinder Mahal who was given time to show his skills which was great to see and the match with Cesaro was a pleasant surprise.
The highlight of the night was the Cruiserweight title match with Gallagher and Neville pulling out all the stops with some nice spots and Gallagher not looking out of his depth and Neville selling well. A match with ups and downs and a great ending. Finally the Cruiserweight division is up and running and not following an exhausting encounter and having no hope. Neville is looking the part as a heel and a great champion.
I'm not the biggest Reigns or Strauman fan but appreciate what they do and the match was full of impactful spots but booking let this match down which was a recurring theme throughout the show. I just didn't understand Reigns winning clean after all the effort put into making Strauman a big bad indestructible force then to loose. I get they want Reigns to look strong for Taker and Wrestlemania but Taker interfering it would of given them real heat and an angle. Most crowds boo Reigns anyway so I don't understand why Strauman couldn't of gone over as it would of elevated him to new heights where as now he is another victim of Reigns and going nowhere.
Bayley and Charlotte another booking disaster due to the interference by Sasha with the babyface champion winning in a heelish manner. Seriously? The heroic young brave underdog who defied everything to get to the WWE wins like a heel seriously? Charlotte loosing her PPV streak after all the build up and hype seriously? This feud for me hasn't had the same intensity as the Sasha and Charlotte feud and something is missing! Booking isn't helping!
Then there was the main event if that's what you call it!! My patience is wearing thin with the whole Goldberg euphoria. For me Jericho and Owens should of been title vs title former friends against each other fighting in the main event of Wrestlemania instead we get two part timers and the title not being on RAW every week probably including the UK tour in May where I won't be seeing the current defending Universal champion!

Rant over people!! I always try to stay positive but sometimes you have to admit defeat and Fastlane was one of those where I admit defeat! Let's hope Wrestlemania is better and at the minute let's say it could go either way.

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