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Posted by Justin Watry on 03/11/2017 at 07:29 PM

"I honestly think that you are so good (different) at how you approach columns. I know some people take compliments lightly and such, but honestly, you should be a very proud man. Boatloads of people including me, read your columns ALL THE TIME. Me personally, I wake up every morning, and before I go to school, I read your column (I'm 16). Also, your consistency with your columns is amazing, just from reading them so much, I almost feel like I know your thought process (not that I do). So with all of that out of the way, thank you."

- Sean, wrestling fan

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My LIVE In Person WWE Fastlane Review

Posted on 411mania.com right now! Everything about my experience going to WWE Fastlane 2017 on Sunday night. Before, during, and after the event. Very fun time. Plus, my monthly "reader feedback" column is posted for February. For those who don't already know, I respond to the comment section (no cuss/insulting words is the only rule) each month, and it is quite the adventure. Head on over to 411mania NOW!

WrestleMania 33 Plans

Shout out to everybody heading to Orlando and is looking to hang out. Here is the deal folks: I have ZERO plans for WrestleMania 33 weekend, outside of the event itself on Sunday. My flight is heading out of Wisconsin late Friday morning, check in at the hotel is 4pm Orlando time (I think). Then it is open season. My buddy and I are winging it for the rest of Friday and all of Saturday. Chilling outside, drinking at a bar, finding some WWE festivities, etc. Whatever. I just know I will be in Orlando from Friday afternoon, until early Monday morning when my flight heads back to Wisconsin after Mania.

Feel free to message me on Twitter or send an email my way if you are in the area as well.

Franck via email: WWE has been doing, what I consider a good job in building up Braun Strowman and when his match with Roman was announced for Fastlane, I started reading around the web some commentaries that could be summed up with this idea: ''They've done such a good job building up Strowman, it's a shame that they will have him lose the Reigns at Fastlane, so that Reigns can look strong going into his match with Taker at Wrestlemania.'' The more I read the more this idea seems to be unanimous. But, correct me if I'm the only one who thought of that, but I think that Strowman can and will win for the simple fact that I see Taker interfering to cost Reigns the match as Payback for eliminating him at the Rumble. I think the worst case scenario is that Strowman may lose the match but via DQ because of Taker's interference.

I was with you, until I was informed the day of Fastlane that The Undertaker was not there. No interference. No music distraction. Nothing. At that point, I held the news to myself and only warned those around me that no...he was not going to cost Roman Reigns the match. That means Braun Strowman was losing. A surprise to me and others as well. Not the worst idea in the world considering the followup the next night and big WM33 plans for Reigns/Taker. I wrote more about it on 411mania, so I'd go read that column.

Thanks for the email. I have shied away from replying to emails in 2016 (and 2017), but yours are always gold.

Ark Of Experience

Great stories, great writing and a real life journey worth following. Read it here: https://arkofexperience.com/2017/03/11/the-rockstar-mortician-vs-the-world/

Impact Wrestling

The name "TNA" should have been gone years ago. Why or how it took the company until 2017? No clue. Regardless, Impact Wrestling is their future, so good on them. The rest...not so good. Admittedly, I didn't see the new episode on Thursday night (don't have POP TV and have very little interest) but did read the results and watch the 'big' stuff. Didn't care for all the WWE mentions. A huge waste of time and effort to show on YOUR television program. No use in doing the commentator junk. New era, doesn't matter. The write outs of the Hardyz, Drew Galloway, Mike Bennett, and Maria were lame but had to be rushed. Understandable. More departures are coming; that's just part of the industry.

Ultimately, the latest reboot will best be known for Alberto Del Rio debuting and instantly winning the Impact Wrestling (?) Title from Bobby Lashley in the main event. No hype. No teasers. No long-term payoff. Nope. Here he is, there is the showdown, and new champ. New boss, same as the old boss. Throw in a controversial finish, some ref bumps, and a lot of false promises, and this 2017 version of Impact Wrestling is already stale. Ratings/viewership didn't move (actually decreased a bit), and March Madness is not likely to help things either. All in all, my confidence level about their success is about the same for Impact Wrestling as it was for TNA.



I'm under the impression that both Matt and Jeff Hardy are heading to WWE fairly soon. WrestleMania on April 2nd, 2017 in Orlando (ironic?) may be ideal because I will be there live, but the night after sure would be an epic moment. Just my two cents. Until then, there is a legal issue brewing between the family and their former employer. Impact Wrestling says they own the BROKEN gimmick; Hardyz disagree and are claiming ownership of the trademark. Personally, I never cared for it much. The kangaroo junk, weird pronunciations of words, endless segments getting the whole family TV time, etc. Meh. Ran its course last year and never actually did anything for the bottom line (making money).

That is why I truly don't care what happens here. My guess is the Hardy Boyz return to WWE under their original personas. I thought that before the cease and desist threats and still do. Just like the Dudley Boyz in 2015. Of course, the two would be back in their classic gear. Duh. If WWE wants to try out a BROKEN thing down the road to spice up their act, go for it. You can always trademark and work on the legalities later. For now, Matt and Jeff can do their thing in Ring of Honor for a few weeks and then show up on WWE television to a massive crowd reaction and go from there. Broken or extreme, they will always be the popular Hardy Boyz.

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