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Posted by Victor Mariscal on 03/06/2017 at 12:01 PM

These last two years, I get on the WWE Network in the middle of WrestleMania season and binge on my favorite WrestleMania matches. I’m sure I’m not the only one. I go in order, kind of.

What are my favorite moments and thoughts? What didn’t I like? Read on people.

WrestleMania XV
I always start with this. That opening video with Freddie Blassie’s narration is just so damn good. Everything else that came before just doesn’t measure up.

It was during the Attitude Era that twists and turns were common during PPVs. Mankind got a DQ win against the Big Show to referee the main event, but not only was he hurt, Show hit Mr. McMahon and got arrested. Vince inserted himself as the ref, but Shawn Michaels made a welcome appearance, reversed his decision, and barred the rest of the Corporation from ringside. Very entertaining segment, but when is HBK not entertaining?

A one-match show indeed. Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock gave us a very entertaining match which had up to four referees involved – including Mankind – and ended with Austin regaining the WWF Championship.

Except, we could’ve gotten something different. Vince Russo claimed that he pitched for Mankind to take part in a triple threat WWF title match. Vince McMahon had signed off on it, but Michaels had been in Austin’s ear and talked him out of it. I’m thinking Russo’s full of shit, but two other stories have circulated.

Apparently Michaels wanted The Rock and Mankind to fight at ‘Mania XV and tried to get Triple H to take The Rock’s place as Austin’s opponent.

It’s not far-fetched. Both HBK and HHH had felt threatened by the Rock’s quick rise.

WrestleMania 2000
If you were watching during this time, you probably didn’t think that it was bad. The WCW product was so lousy and an overbooked, overcrowded WrestleMania with no traditional one-on-one match sounded good at the time.

Give them credit, they were looking to the future. Both Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit – yeah I know – left with singles titles.

The Tag Team Championship bout at the 2000 Royal Rumble only lasted under three minutes. Why? Because the two teams involved – The New Age Outlaws and Acolytes – looked like shit compared to the three tag teams that went through hell for the titles at WM 2000. As entertaining as they were, they couldn’t compare.

The Tag Team ladder match with Edge & Christian, The Hardys and The Dudleys tore the house down and kept the show from being labeled bad. Given what happened at the end of the show, that’s saying something.

It had been a year since The Rock held the gold and fans were dying to see the malicious heel champion Triple H finally get the ass-kicking he deserved. Sadly, we got Vince dropping the Great One with two chair shots, Triple H retained, and a little garbage was thrown into the ring. Some fans were happy at the sight of Vince, Shane and Stephanie getting taken out by The Rock, but it wasn’t the happy ending people wanted.

You ever notice that nothing good seems to come out of Triple H winning at a WrestleMania?

WrestleMania X-Seven
Even with a few fillers, it’s easy to see why people regard this as one of the greatest of all time.

It was the only ‘Mania to have Paul Heyman on commentary. Just sayin’.

Steve Austin had kick-started the Attitude Era. The Rock’s star had also risen during that time and when Austin needed surgery, Rock was more than capable of carrying the WWF on his back. The both of them were the most popular superstars around. Their main event match practically wrote itself.

Austin said he needed to be the champion. That should’ve been a dead giveaway, but the idea Austin “[selling] his soul to Satan himself” was unthinkable.

It was still an amazing main event.

It followed a Street Fight between the McMahon’s, the greatest TLC match of all time, and a grueling yet underrated match between The Undertaker and Triple H. How did the crowd have any energy left?

WrestleMania X8
Thanks to the stupid cable company, I couldn’t start watching until just before Austin vs. Hall. Good thing they have encores.

Seeing Hollywood Hogan vs. The Rock was a sight to behold. I was expecting the nostalgia to seep in but I was not expecting the “Rocky Sucks” chant.

Yet, that’s the only match I have any real desire to see again. If only things had been different.

Amazing that Stephanie McMahon doesn’t get anywhere near the amount of hate she deserves. She made the WWF Champion the third most important man in his title defense. Then there’s Triple H insisting they go on last, after the crowd was exhausted.

Chris Jericho deserved better.

It could’ve been Steve Austin facing Triple H. It didn’t happen because Austin was sick of his heel run which resulted in his mediocre bout with Scott Hall. Little did anyone realize it was just the tip of the iceberg.

That’s all for now.

Don’t mess with the X.

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