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Posted by Jordan Turner on 03/06/2017 at 12:22 AM

Hello Everyone, Welcome to my Wrestling Colunm. Make sure you all follow my personal blog wrestlingvibes.com

1st Match of The Night. Sami Zayn vs Samoa Joe. Winner-Samoa Joe. This match I feel really didn't get stared, it ended fairly quickly which sucked because I feel like this could have been MOTN which obviously didn't turn out to be.

2nd Match of The Night RAW Tag Team Championship Title Match. (C's) Gallows & Anderson vs Enzo & Big Cass. Winners-Gallows & Anderson retain. Which was a great decision and it needed to happen which it obviously did. But I wasn't really wanting this match I was to busy on Twitter shockingly goes to show you all how invested I'am into this division and match that took place:

3rd Match of The Night. Sasha Banks vs Niw Jax. Winner-Sasha Banks. Now I'm stunned because I absolutely didn't see Sasha winning this match but again obviously Sasha lost to Nia at Royal Rumble so obviously she was gonna ultimately get your revenge tonight which she did via roll up. To me Nia has defiantly lost some of her momentum as an overall monster heel with her lost tonight against Sasha Banks.

4th Match of The Night. Jinder Mahal vs Cesaro. Yes this was an actual match on Fastlane, which to me and many others it pissed us all off becsure this was simply filler which I can't stand. Winner-Cesaro. Who cares about this match I know I didn't......

5th Match of The Night. Rusev vs Big Show. Another match I absolutely had no interest in what so ever and I know I wasn't the only one not interested in these two pointless ass matches. Winner-Big Show. Yes I said it Big Show defeated Rusev, to me Rusev needs to go to SmackDownLIVE A$AP.

6th Match of The Night. Cruiserweight Championship Title Match. (C) Neville vs Jack Gallagher. Winner-Neville. This match was absolutely match of the night in my eyes. These two guys can go in the ring which I really like. Neville proves with this win and that no one can touch him within the division but I see him vs Austin Aries for that Cruiserweight Championship heading into WrestleMania 33.

7th Match of The Night. Brawn Stroman vs Roman Reigns. Winner-Roman Reigns. Now I didn't eee this happen what so ever. We didn't eee Undertaker tonight I thought Taker would distract Reigns to have Storman take advantage and defeat Reigns to have both guys look strong, I guess not. Stroman lost most of his monster presents following his lost to Reigns just like how Nia lost to Sasha tonight they both lost there monster pushes.

8th Match of The Night. RAW Women's Championship Title Match, (C) Bayley vs Charlotte. Winner-Bayley. We saw closing Match Sasha Banks come out to distract Charlotte which she did successfully because she lost. Now Charlotte not only lost her undefeated streak but she also isn't a 5x Women's Champion which is freaking great. We didn't see no Sasha Banks heel turn which kind of disappointed me and many others.

9th Match Universal Championship Title Match, (C) Kevin Owens vs Bill Goldberg. Winner-Bill Goldberg. He won via a distraction from Chris Jericho to Owens which Goldberg took advantage and defeated Owens. This was absolutely predictable and we will now see Bill Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 33 for The Universal Championship which isn't surprising.

Final Takes on Fastlane tonight. Tonight's show to me was just a episode of RAW with a PPV type feel. The excitement wasn't there when regards to returns and etc that we all thought of and nothing happened what so ever which really sucks. Tonight's Fastlane really wasn't all that exciting and I'm tired of seeing pointless stuff on RAW or even on a PPV which isn't needed on a PPV what so ever like honestly think about it. We just gotta see what happens tomorrow now leading into WrestleMania 33 for both RAW and SmackDownLIVE. Goodnight everyone, see y'all tomorrow. #NoDQ #WWEFastlane

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