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Posted by Ryan Latino on 03/05/2017 at 09:49 AM

With the Hardy Boyz coming to the end of their contracts in TNA everyone assumed including me they would be going back to the WWE but instead they threw a huge curveball and signed with ROH. A new challenge with a new company and potentially great matches. In a way I'm glad they didn't sign with WWE purely down to the originality of the 'Broken' characters and the work that has gone into them. Broken Matt Hardy is such a creative intriguing persona and the promos he has done in the past couple years have been must see TV due to the crazy nature of the character.
Watching TNA and it's bookings at times were confusing and frustrating but they had something in Broken Matt Hardy and brother Nero and it was gold and part of the only reason I watched TNA.
Massive props to Matt who has always been in the shadow of Jeff for coming up with a character with so many layers and putting everything into it. It's a rarity to have someone nowadays become the persona they portray on TV inside the ring and on the outside and not break kayfabe. The Jericho podcast a prime example.
TNA massively missed a trick with not getting them new contracts. In ROH they can still be the Broken Hardyz and not dilute the characters.
If they came to the WWE and it's a Pg rated show the characters would be tonned down to suite the audience. It wouldn't have the same edge and too much would be changed taking away the raw edge it's had.
The question aswell is who would they feud with as there is a limited pool of tag teams for them to feud with especially if they went to Smackdown as it's realistically American Alpha and a three month programme and then who?
DIY if they came up and then you have six months if lucky. Short term great but they still have plenty to offer and I for one wouldn't want a team who revolutionised the tag team division and were a huge part of my teens coming back and then pushed to the side having mediocre feuds with no real meaning and then retiring with no grand departure or big finale.
WWE production and all its investment could create something incredible with the 'Broken' gimmick and it could be enormous but part of me loves the rawness and simplicity of the at home deletion segments and this wouldn't be a part of the WWE way of thinking so it's very difficult. This was a huge reason they eventually didn't sign back with the WWE as they believe in what they were doing and didn't want to compromise on the gimmick and you have to give them credit for standing their ground as it would of been easy to come back and go back to being the Hardy Boyz of past years. As a face team they could of slotted in and easy feuds would of been set up.

You never know what the future may have in store and I personally would like to see the Broken Hardyz versus the Wyatt Family. Visually along with the set up and mind games it could be magic. Just imagine that rivalry in the attitude era! Wow! Along with the Ministry of Darkness and the Brood it could of been insanely creatively.
Well done though to the Hardyz for believing in what they are doing and I'm sure they will be great for ROH and with the Young Bucks they can have history making matches to go with the ones they have already created.

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