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Posted by Jordan Turner on 03/04/2017 at 10:39 PM

Hello Everyone, Welcome to my Wrestling Column. Hope you all enjoy every single post that I do. I'm very appreciative when regards to writing on this website and I feel like I'm doing a good job I hope you all see that if not that's absolutely fine.

First Match Pick from Me. Cruiserweight Championship Match. (C) Neville vs Jack Gallengher. I obviously see Neville retaining his title.

First Match Pick for John. Cruiserweight Championship Match. (C) Neville vs Jack Gallagher. He obviously see's Neville winning and retaining his title because well it has to happen him as champion has been great.

Second Match Pick from Me. Samoa Joe vs Sami Zayn. I'll have Samoa Joe win because of the way he's been pushed lately. Zayn doesn't really need a win here but if you wanna be creative, you can have Zayn win via Seth Rollins music hits and seeing Joe getting distracted and Zayn takes advantage and pins Joe for the win.

Second Match Pick from John. Samoa Joe vs Sami Zayn. He's going for Samoa Joe as well.

Third Match Pick from Me. RAW Tag Team Championship Title Match. (C's) Gallows & Anderson vs Enzo & Big Cass. I see Gallows & Anderosn retaining because it wouldn't make sense to give the title to E&C just yet. Also Galows & Anderson have been booked horribly before they won those tag titles. To me the tag team division is garbage in my personal opinion I see Enzo & Big Cass winning those titles at WrestleMania 33 possibly.

Third Match Pick from John. RAW Tag Team Championship Title Match. (C's) Gallows & Anderson vs Enzo & Big Cass. He's also going with Gallows & Anderson retaining the title.

Fourth Match Pick from Me. Sasha Banks vs Nia Jax. I see Nia Jax winning and beating Sasha Banks once again. I feel like RAw has been pushing her as a monster heel which needed to happen which it finally is. Me as a Sasha Banks mark, I don't wanna see her lose but I know she needs to. I can absolutely see a heel turn following the Women's Championship Match. But Nia needs this win more than Sasha because The Boss is established already but Nia isn't which she needs to and I think she will with this win.

Fourth Match Pick from John. Sasha Banks vs Nia Jax. Obviously Nia Jax needs to win to look strong and built her up even more because Sasha is already built up.

Fifth Match Pick from Me. RAW Women's Championship. (C) Bayley vs Charlotte Flair. Now I'm not excited for this match what so ever and I honestly feel this way about it. To me and to many others WWE shouldn't have given that title to Bayley to quickly. Charlotte being in the title picture constantly is low key getting on my nerves. But she's so good as a In-ring talent that I don't mind it but again I just want fresh blood into the title picture that's all. Now I see Charlotte winning and retaining her undefeated streak and becoming a 5x RAW Women's (C) which I can't stand that, hopefully Charlotte can win but win by DQ and she can retain her undefeated streak but won't be Women's (C.)

Fifth Match Pick from John. RAW Women's Championship. (C) Bayley vs Charlotte Flair. John has Charlotte becoming The New RAW Women's Champion once again and becoming a 5x Time (C.) John said that he knows that Charlotte has that undefeated streak. He sees Charlotte winning and becoming a 5x Women's Champion, he knows that Bayley shouldn't have won that championship in the first place because this wouldn't be happening at all.

Sixth Match Pick from Me. Universal Champion (C) Kevin Owens vs Bill Goldberg Bill Goldberg. I'm gonna go with an unpredictable pick and I'm going with Kevin Owens and retaining his title. But obviously I'm no dummy Goldberg is obviously gonna defeat Owens. I absolutely see Chris Jericho getting involved in this match, I can possibly see Chris Jericho attempt to somehow help Goldberg in distracting Owens to have Goldberg spear Owens and Jackhammer him and defeat him. Or possibly if WWE wants to be creative they can have Owens have a medal plate on his chest like Bret Hart had years ago, I can see it happening possibly. To me Goldberg vs Lesnar doesn't need that Universal Title but thinking like Vince McMahon obviously those two guys need that title if that's gonna main event WrestleMania 33.

Fifth Pick from John. Universal (C) Kevin Owens vs Bill Goldberg. He sees Goldberg winning in a squash match possibly or if it's not a squash he still sees Goldberg winning and becoming The New Universal (C.)

Sixth Pick from Me. Roman Reigns vs Brawn Storman. Now this match is a match I'm absolutely looking forward to. This match will be smash mouth in the face type match and I can appreciate that. Now I'm hearing people saying that Reigns needs to win to look strong because he's facing Taker and you can't have him lose. Also others are saying you can't have Storman lose because if they do it will kill all of the momentum he's had via from WWE as this huge monster. My personal opinion is simple, I have a way to have both men leaving Fastlane to look strong at the end of the night. Rumors going around that The Undertaker will appear and coast Reigns the match. That's exactly what I'll do, heading towards the end of the match we just before Reigns does his taut before he does his spear, we see the lights go out then the come back on and Taker is in the middle of the ring. He choke slams Reigns and tombstones him with the ref already taken out. Storman takes advantage and pins Reigns, this will make both guys look strong on the standpoint of Stroman won because of Taker and Reigns lost because of Taker when he was just about to pin Stroman via spear. Again both guys need to look strong here simple as that.

Sixith March from John. Roman Reigns vs Brawn Stroman. Now he sees the same thing that I talked about when regards to this match. Now is it possible that someone can straight up win? Yes but Stroman can't lose because to me it will kill all his momentum he's had and Reigns can't looo weak because he's facing Taker at WrestleMania 33. We will see what happens. Hope you all enjoyed this post with our predictions and secarios going into Fastlane tomorrow night. #WWEFastlane #RAW

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