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Posted by J. Elam on 02/28/2017 at 08:59 AM

1st Segment – Goldberg’s rambling about how he’s promised everyone at home, and his family, that he’ll beat Owens for the Universal Title. Owens mentions how he beat Cena on his first night. And how he beat Ambrose, Styles, Rollins, and Reigns. Says Jericho doesn’t matter. Goldberg wants to fight now. Owens teases it, but walks away instead. He said at Fastlane, the Goldberg chant dies.

2nd Segment – New Day teasing the ice cream again. They say they have a match against The Shining Stars. They do an Oscar’s joke, saying the Shining Stars have a match against Big Show. New Day’s actual opponents are Rusev and Jinder Mahal.

New Day (Big E and Xavier Woods) vs Rusev (with Lana) and Jinder Mahal: This match is taking a lot longer than it should. Rusev got distracted arguing with Kofi, and Xavier rolled up Jinder for the win. Jinder and Rusev start arguing.

3rd Segment – Enzo and Cass talking about winning the tag titles. Enzo won’t stop yapping. Cass reminds him The Club have won gold everywhere they go, whereas he and Enzo have never been champs, including in NXT.

Cut to Cesaro and Sheamus talking when Samoa Joe walks by. Joe says Cesaro’s jealous of him. Cesaro tells him he’s only good for carrying Triple H’s jockstrap (Burn!). Joe walks off and Cesaro tells Sheamus he’ll handle it.

4th Segment – Stephanie McMahon and Foley. Stephanie reminds him Triple H ended his career 17 years ago today. She tells him he gets weaker and weaker each year, that he’s a shell of himself. She berates him some more and walks off.

Why doesn’t she just fire him already if she hates having him as GM? Makes no sense to keep him around. He’s basically treated like a bastard child. And he doesn’t really do much to sway her opinion of him. He just takes it. It’s like he has no backbone.

5th Segment – Akira Tozawa vs Noam Dar: Backstage monologue of THE Brian Kendrick saying he tried to help Tozawa, but since he refused his help, he had to teach him a lesson.

Alicia momentarily distracted Tozawa on the second rope. Dar knocked him off and Tozawa face planted. Tozawa hits a suicide dive. Once they’re back in the ring, he hits a German Suplex for the win.

Kendrick attacks Tozawa from behind. He says that was Tozawa’s 3rd lesson. He hopes he’s learning.

6th Segment – Foley backstage. Joe walks by and asks if he’s having a bad day. Foley says all he sees in Joe is Triple H’s puppet. Joe says nobody tells him what to do. Foley tells him he has a match against Cesaro later.

7th Segment – Charlotte Flair (with Dana Brooke) promo. Charlotte can’t get over what happened last week. She wanted Bayley to hand over the title last week. She calls her selfish, egocentric, and greedy. Says Bayley’s playing everyone. Says Bayley’s destined to be a one hit wonder. She goes on for a bit longer until Bayley interrupts her. Bayley reminds her she’s beaten her 3 times. She’s glad she decided to keep the title. Bayley says her next dream is walking into WM as champ. Charlotte says she’s going to regain at Fastlane. Sasha Banks now interrupts. She says Bayley’s more deserving of the title than Charlotte. Charlotte tells her she’s always taking Bayley’s spotlight.

Bayley and Sasha Banks vs Charlotte Flair and Nia Jax: At one point, Charlotte whipped Bayley into the ropes. Dana Brooke tried (and embarrassingly failed) to grab her leg in the process. Bayley gave her a Bayley-to-Belly outside the ring. Nia trucks Bayley, body slams Sasha onto her, and hits a Leg drop to pin Bayley for the win.

That whole segment did nothing to get anyone over. Plus, it makes Bayley look like a chump, losing on the go home show to someone she’s not even fighting at the PPV.

8th Segment – Foley’s office. Braun doesn’t want competition. He wants a contract for his match with Roman Reigns. Foley tells Braun not to blame him if things don’t go his way.

9th Segment – The Club vs Enzo and Cass: Anderson tried to distract Cass by grabbing Enzo. He tried to throw him into the steps, but Enzo reversed it. Cass hit Gallows with a Big Boot for the win.
That wasn’t a good match. But it was kept short, so whatever.

10th Segment – Sheamus vs Titus O’Neil: They’re fighting because Titus is upset with Sheamus after some food incident in catering earlier in the day. Titus took a cheap shot just as Sheamus was getting into the ring. Once Sheamus got in the ring, Titus charged him and ate a Brogue Kick.

11th Segment – Corey Graves is in the ring. He’s interviewing Seth Rollins. There’s a video recapping everything leading up to this point. Video was like a Triple H promo. It went forever. Seth says his knee is alright. Hopes to come back soon. Corey asks him how he feels mentally, and Seth says he probably deserves this. Says he should’ve known Triple H would stab him in the back. Corey asks him if he’ll be at WM and Seth says it’s not likely. He doesn’t think doctors will clear him in time. Triple H shows up. He has Joe standing at ringside. He tells Seth he won’t be at WM. Says Seth knew full well what he was getting into when he aligned himself with him. Joe’s on the apron now as well. Triple H tells Seth to get over being used. Calls him another washed up, useless superstar. Triple H warns him not to come to WM or call him out. If he shows up or calls him out at WM, it’ll be the last thing he does in a WWE ring. Seth says he has nothing left to lose. He says he’ll be at WM. If it’s the last thing he ever does, it’ll be the last thing Triple H ever does.

Despite my dislike of Triple H, I have to say, that was actually a good promo. Granted it was the same as the ones he usually does, but it was well done here. Then again, he could've just had Joe beat up Seth again to ensure he didn't show up at WM.

12th Segment – Shining Stars vs Big Show: Typical squash match. Not sure what the point was.

13th Segment – Tony Nese and Neville are talking. Neville tells him the purpose of the match is to put Jack Gallagher in his place before his match against Neville at Fastlane. Nese just flexed and fixed his wristbands while he was talking. Then he said he’s going to do what’s best for him.

Vignette for Austin Aries return to in ring competition.

Jack Gallagher and TJ Perkins vs Tony Nese and Neville: Perkins hits a Detonation Kick on Nese, followed by Gallagher hitting a Russian Leg Sweep, and then his finisher.

*HoF video package for “The Glamazon” Beth Phoenix. I miss her. She was one of my favorites.

14th Segment – Bayley and Sasha icing their necks backstage. Sasha says she’ll be at ringside Sunday. Stephanie McMahon overhears and says Sasha won’t be at ringside, but rather she has a match of her own at Fastlane against Nia Jax.

15th Segment – Cesaro vs Samoa Joe: Cesaro looks like he tweaked his knee on the apron. After the break, Joe has Cesaro in a leglock, but Cesaro reversed it into a Sharpshooter. He went for the Swing, but Joe fought out of it. Cesaro went for the springboard uppercut, but his knee gave out. Joe hits the Uranagi for the win.

Charly asks him how he’s made a big impact in such a short time. Joe says he came here to hurt people. He continues talking until Sami Zayn ambushes him. Referees and security separate them, but Sami leaps off the stage and continues assaulting Joe some more until they’re separating again.

16th Segment – Braun Strowman/Roman Reigns Contract Signing: Braun wants the contract signing so Roman doesn’t decide to back out. (That’s odd, but OK. I mean, it’s not like Roman hasn’t looked Braun dead in the eyes and fought him for several weeks now). Braun tells Foley to leave, or else. Foley says he may not be long for his role as GM. But until that day comes, Braun will respect what he has to say. Braun says he respected Mick when he was a competitor. Calls him pathetic. Foley does his yelling thing, saying Braun will respect him (as a legend), or else. He grabs Foley, but Roman’s music hits. Roman hits a Superman Punch. He went for another, but Braun caught him and drove him into the ringpost. Now they’re in the tech area. Roman spears Braun (and a security guard) through the barricade. Roman gets in the ring to sign the contract, and stops when he sees Braun got back up. He hit another Superman Punch. He went for another spear, but Braun launched him into the turnbuckle. Threw him so hard, the turnbuckle popped off. By the time Braun got to the top of the ramp, he took notice of Roman sitting up, signing the contract.


Sure was a lot of Mick Foley tonight. Looks like they might heading towards a firing angle for him.

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