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Posted by Jordan Turner on 02/25/2017 at 09:18 PM

Hello Everyone, Welcome to my Wrestling Column. Make sure you all follow my personal blog wrestlingvibes.com Enjoy this storyline.

•Introduction Storyline

To be honest with you guys, Bayley vs Stephanie McMahon isn't a match that I personally wouldn't want to see. I will start this storyline "Fast Lane" we're we see (C) Bayley vs Charlotte for The RAW Women's Championship. Now we all know Charlotte has her undefeated streak and everyone is already excepting Charlotte becoming a 5x Women's (C) and I hope to God that it doesn't happen. We see Bayley vs Charlotte going on for about 15 mins and then we see outta nowhere in Dana Brooke come out to try and distract Bayley. But Sasha outta nowhere instead decides to come and help her best friend Bayley and she takes out Dana Brooke to help Bayley. But suddenly we see Stephanie McMahon come in via Dana and Sasha distracting the referee, we see Stephanie doing The Pedigree on Bayley and Charlotte takes advantage and pins Bayley to have her becoming an official 5x RAW Women's (C.) Then immediately following Bayley lost we see Stephanie McMahon yell at Bayley saying "Your worthless."

•Twist Storyline

Following WWE "Fast Lane" we start off RAW with Bayley. Bayley says simply "Stephanie I'm calling you out right now, so get out here." Instead of Stephanie coming out we see Charlotte coming out and she says "Bayley listen, you lost and now I'm a 5x Women's Champion." Bayley says "I want my rematch because I got screwed last night." Stephanie McMahon comes out and simply says Fine Bayley you got your rematch." So we see the Fast Lane official rematch for The RAW Women's Championship. The match goes for about 15 mins once again but you see a spot we're Bayley does a "Bayley to Belly" and she shockingly injuries Charlotte. So Stephanie comes out and says "Now since Charlotte is injured, she will be giving up the championship. Now since that happened I will be holding The RAW Women's Championships because well I can." Stephanie finshes up by announcing that there would be a RAW Women's Tournament starting tonight. She announces Sasha Banks vs Dana Brooke, Bayley vs Nia Jax and Paige vs Summer Rae & Taminta vs Emma with the winner facing Stephanie McMahon at WrestleMania 33 for The RAW Women's Championship.

Round 1

1st Match:Sasha Banks vs Dana Brooke. Winner is obviously Sasha Banks in which she is moving on to the next round.
2nd Match:Bayley vs Nia Jax. Winner is Bayley via count out.
3rd Match:Paige vs Summer Rae. Paige wins via in a close one.
4th Match:Emma vs Taumita. Winner is Emma which she is moving on to the next round.

Round 2

1st Match:Emma vs Paige. Winner in a close one, the winner is Emma which she gladly moves onto the next round.
2nd Match:Bayley vs Sasha Banks. We see Bayley stunning The WWE Universe and she defeats Sasha Banks and she moves onto the finals to face Emma with whoever wins they will face Stephanie McMahon at WrestleMania 33 for The RAW Women's Championship.

Round 3

Final Match. 1st Match:Bayley vs Emma. We see Stephanie McMahon come in and attempting to distract Bayley which backfires on Stephanie when Sasha comes in to assist Bayley in which Bayley picks up the victory on Emma and she will be facing Stephanie McMahon at WrestleMania 33 for The RAW Women's Championship.

•Conclusion Storyline

So following what happened on RAW when Bayley won the tournament to challenge Stephanie McMahon ar WrestleMania 33 for The RAW Women's Championship. We see Bayley come out and she says "I will be facing Stephanie McMahon at WrestleMania 33 and I'll defiantly defeat her to become a 2x RAW Women's Champion." So we see Stephanie come out and she says "Bayley everyone knows your the ultimate underdog and that The WWE Universe are on your side." Now you see the build to Bayley vs Stephanie McMahon just like how Triple H vs Daniel Bryan was which was the underdog was fighting against The Authority." We get to WrestleMania 33 for The RAW Women's Championship with The (C) Stephanie McMahon vs Bayley. This match goes for about 10mins and we see Triple H actually come and try to distract Bayley but we see Stephanie McMahon attempting to hit Bayley but instead she hits her own hunsband Triple H and then Bayley does "Bayley to Belly" but then following that she shockingly does The "Pedigree" which is Triple H's move and she pins Stephanie McMahon to become a 2x RAW Women's Championship to close WrestleMania 33 and officially end thus storyline with the baby face ending it with a happy ending. I hope you all enjoyed this in depth storyline. See you all tomorrow morning. #WWE #ImaginaryStoryline #BayleyVsMcMahon #NoDQ

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