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Posted by J. Elam on 02/22/2017 at 10:32 AM

1st Segment – Daniel Bryan opens the show. He introduces SmackDown Women’s Champion Naomi. Bryan says she deserves the title because of her hard work. Bryan mentions that Naomi has an injury. That she’ll be unable to defend it within 30 days. He and Shane discussed it, and decided that Naomi would have to relinquish the title. Naomi’s getting emotional talking about winning the title, and how she feels she’s letting the fans down. She’s upset she may not get her WM moment. She vows when she comes back, everyone will feel the glow. Alexa Bliss comes out and she’s enjoying the whole thing. She wants Bryan to give her the title. Bryan toys with the idea, but decides not to do it. Instead, Bryan books a match for the title.

Alexa Bliss vs Becky Lynch: Alexa gave Becky a thrust to the throat and rolled up Becky for the win. Mickie James runs down to pick a fight with Becky, but Becky fends her off.

I didn’t expect there to be a clear winner here. Honestly think it’d have been better to do a Battle Royale to determine the winner.

*Really sucks for Naomi. Bryan’s right. She has worked hard. She's made some really good improvements mic wise and in ring wise. So for her to have to give up the title like that is really unfortunate.

2nd Segment – Series of backstage promos by the competitors to determine the #1 contender for the WWE Championship. Dean Ambrose wants revenge on Baron Corbin for what he did at EC. Kalisto says he wants to main event WM. He wants people to chant Lucha. Miz lists off his accomplishments and acting credits.

3rd Segment – Nattie asked about Nikki. She calls Nikki a fraud and says she’ll expose her. Calls her a cheap knockoff of her.

4th Segment – BreezeDango vs American Alpha: Breeze and Fandango jumped on the champs just as they entered the ring. AA win with the Manhattan Bulldog (Steiner Brothers finisher). Usos enter through the crowd. They call AA the soon to be former tag champs. They tease a fight, but don’t do it. Instead they mock AA with a series of insults. It was hilarious.

5th Segment – Second set of backstage videos. AJ Styles walking backstage. Yells at some guy he’s going to WM. Ziggler does a slow promo. He finishes by superkicking a green screen. My how far he’s fallen. Mojo wasn’t even hyped for his own promo! Very subdued. Luke Harper says he made Bray. Now he’s free.

6th Segment – Nikki says she’ll give it all she’s got and leave everything out there. Says Nattie will be known as the broken heart.

Nikki Bella vs Natalya: Nikki takes her down and goes for a table but Nattie stops her. Nikki grabs a kendo stick instead and whacks Nattie a few times. Nikki throws her over the barricade. Now they’re near some technical equipment. Nattie goes for a suplex off the barricade onto the concrete, but Nikki fights out of it and hits a Disaster Kick. Now they’re back at ringside. Nattie grabs the kendo stick, but opts to use the announce table instead. Nattie tries to powerbomb Nikki off the apron through the table, but Nikki fought out of it. Nikki powerbombs Nattie onto the announce table for a 2 count. Crowd wants her to do it again. After the break, Nattie suplexes Nikki on the ramp. They fight up the ramp and into the backstage area. Nattie throws Nikki and she bumps into Maryse (again?!). Nikki throws Nattie into a mirror! Now they’re back on the stage where Nattie eats a spear. They’re working their way back to the ring, but stop near the end of the ramp. Natti goes for the Sharpshooter, but Nikki counters with her STF. Maryse assaults Nikki with a lead pipe and Nattie capitalizes and pins Nikki.

Good match. They fought all over the place. No rest spots or anything. They’re already building towards something between Nikki Bella and Maryse.

7th Segment – Third and final set of videos. Baron Corbin says he likes destruction and inflicting pain. He says the spotlight will be on him when he main events WM. Crews says people mistake his smile for weakness. He said some other stuff.

8th Segment – John Cena vs Baron Corbin vs Dolph Zigger vs Apollo Crews vs Kalisto vs Luke Harper vs Mojo Rawley vs AJ Styles vs The Miz: Corbin tosses Mojo out for the first elimination. Dolph superkicks Kalisto on the apron for the second elimination. A few seconds later, Crews kicks Ziggler off the apron. Dolph grabs a chair and hits Kalisto. Corbin eliminates Crews and Crews goes after Ziggler with the chair. What a sequence. Haper superkicks Cena, Styles hits Harper with a Pele Kick, Dean goes for the Dirty Deeds but Styles shoves him, Corbin clotheslines him, then Ambrose rebounds from the shove to clothesline Corbin. Now all 4 guys are down and are situated in each corner. Miz hits Daniel Bryan’s dropkicks to Styles, Harper, Corbin, and Ambrose. He gives Cena Bryan’s kicks. Cena blocks the last and dumps Miz over the top rope to eliminate him. After the break, Cena does the double German Suplex to Styles and Ambrose, just like he did at EC. Cena went for the 5 Knuckle Shuffle, but Corbin intercepted with the End of Days. Ambrose lands the Dirty Deeds on him and tosses him out. Corbin gives Ambrose a Dirty Deeds on the outside. Miz comes back through the crowd and eliminated Cena. Now it’s down to Harper, Ambrose, and Styles. All 3 guys are on the apron. Ambrose has Styles on his shoulders, and Harper superkicks him. Ambrose fells off the apron. That was kinda weird. Harper and Styles were on the apron. Harper suplexed Styles off the top rope and both guys’ feet hit the floor. The referees are claiming both guys landed at the same time, but Styles’ feet clearly hit first.

Daniel Bryan comes out and says Harper and Styles will fight next week to determine the winner. Harper gives Styles a Discus Clothesline to end the show.

I don’t like that as the finish. Styles feet clearly hit first. For whatever reason, SD didn’t have a cameraman in place? Not on single alternate angle? That’s the kind of thing Bryan would criticize Raw for doing. It makes no sense to do that finish.

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