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Posted by Jordan Turner on 02/18/2017 at 06:20 PM

Hello Everyone, Welcome to my Wrestling Colunm. Make sure you all follow my personal blog wrestlingvibes.com I'm grateful for have been given an opportunity to write on this website. I hope I get more opportunities like this in 2017 of this year, only time will tell. Enjoy this Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose WWE Imaginary Storyline.

•Introduction Storyline

Now we all know all three former members of The Shield have a story it's well documented. Now this storyline will be beginning following Battle Ground were we saw Reigns, Ambrose and Rollins lose in there respective matches. On RAW following Battle Ground we see Triple H come out and he says "Something will be changing heading into SummerSlam this upcoming year. We have three huge talents that will be taking over RAW starting tonight." So Triple H suddenly sends three men wearing all black and fans looking trying to wonder who these three guys are. Triple H says "Unmask yourself's and the three guys we're Samoa Joe, Finn Balor and Kevin Owens as unmasked on Team HHH." Triple H continues to say "There's no team that can defeat us and dethrone us because RAW needs a shot in the arm and this new team better known as now Evolution 2.0 is here to take over." We see for weeks Evolution 2.0 taking out everyone besides two guys which are Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns.

•Twist Storyline

Now Triple H tells both Rollins and Reigns to come out, but they don't count out but instead we see Mick Foley talking to both Rollins and Reigns. Triple H is telling his guys to go and get Rollins and Reigns to bring them out to the ring. But the're looking for them in which they can't find them but instead they we're under the ring the entire time and you see Reigns say "Triple H we got back up via Daniel Bryan in which Mick Foley agreed which we see Dean Ambrose appears and comes out." All three memebers of The Shield got and attack Triple H and you see Joe, Owens and Balor come and you see Evolution 2.0 and The Shield attacking each other and that closes out RAW. The next week on RAW Triple H announces that his Team will face The Shield at "Money In The Bank" in a Falls Count Anywhere. This is to see what team is better and Mick Foley got The Shield back together because he doesn't want RAW to be taken over by Triple H and his crew. Now I obviously know everyone is probably wondering why is Dean Ambrose on RAW he's suppose to be on SmackDownLIVE. Well Bryan and Foley behind the scenes behind Stephanie McMahon's back that he decided to trade Sami Zayn to SmackDownLIVE for Dean Ambrose to RAW which the deal was finalized via Foley and Bryan. Now leading into "Money In The Bank" we see one on one matches between Evolution 2.0 and The Shield. Seth Rollins vs Balor, Roman Reigns vs Samoa Joe and Dean Ambrose vs Kevin Owens all on RAW. Which I forgot to mention in the beginning of the storyline Triple H is holding The Universal Title in which Foley doesn't want him holding it. So basically Evolution is there to not have Foley take the title away from Triple H that's why Evolution 2.0 was made to protect The Universal Title. So we see all these matches happen and Mick Foley decides to go into The Authority locker room and talks to Vince McMahon and Vince after all the guys wrestled he announces that The Universal Title is vacated and a Tournament will be held for it. We get to "Momey In The Bank" and we get The Shield vs Evolution 2.0 in a "Falls Count Anywhere Elimination Match." Now this match last for about 30mins. We have Owens and Balor eliminated and that leaves Joe by himself. Which Triple H into the match decides to get into it. So it's Joe and Triple H vs Rollins, Ambrose and Reigns, but Joe shockinly gets eliminated via a Triple Power Bomb. That leaves Triple H alone by himself, Foley comes out and he says whoever pins Triple H that person will become Universal Champion and he will have to defend the title in a "Universal Championship Tournament" starting tomorrow and the winner faces the champion at SummerSlam." So you now see Rollins, Reigns and Ambrose arguing with each other to see who's gonna pin Triple H. You see Reigns and Ambrose arguing and outta nowhere Triple H hits Reigns with a sludge hammer and he does The Pedigree on Ambrose to pin him and he also pins Reigns which leaves him vs Rollins. Ultimately The match goes for about 15 more minutes and Rollins pulls the upset and defeats Triple H to become a first time Universal Champion and will defend it at SummerSlam in the main event.

•Conclusion Storyline

Following Rollins winning both Ambrose and Reigns come and once again all three memebers of The Shield are arguing. But Reigns says "I can't take this anymore." So he goes outside the ring. The lights go out and you hear two chair shots and the lights turn back on and both Rollins and Ambrose are laid out besides Reigns. Reigns officially turns heel and closing "Money In The Bank" Reigns says "The Big Dog is officially taking over and Reigns I will win that Tournament and challenge you at SummerSlam deal with it." Now on RAW following a shocking "Money In The Bank PPV" we see Mick Foley come out and he says "Hello Orlando, FL The Tournament officially starts tonight which we will have 3 rounds. the semi finals and finals will obviously take place at SummerSlam."

Tournament Bracket Announced*

Dean Ambrose vs Titus O'Neal. Winner-Dean Ambrose. He advances.
Roman Reigns vs Kevin Owens. Winner-Roman Reigns. He and Ambrose both advance which is interesting.
Samoa Joe vs Finn Balor. Winner-No one because it was a count out but Foley comes out and restarts the match, but Samoa Joe pins Balor.
Cesaro vs Chris Jericho. Winner-Chris Jericho. So Mick says that The Quarterfinals will be Roman Reigns vs Chris Jericho and Dean Ambrose a tough Samoa Joe winners go to SummerSlam in the semi finals and winner of that faces Seth Rollins in the main event of SummerSlam.

Quarterfinals Officially Begin*
Roman Reigns vs Chris Jericho. Winner-Roman Reigns. So he moves on into the semi finals.
Dean Ambrose vs Samoa Joe. Winner-Dean Ambrose via count out. But Mick comes out and reverses it and restarts the match but Ambrose shockingly hits the ref but Foley let's it go and Joe tries to do his submission finisher and it's applied onto Ambrose. Durning that we see Ambrose behind Foley's back and while the ref is down he hits Joe in the face with brace knuckles and pins Joe to defeat him. Then immediately following the match Reigns outta nowhere SuperMan and spears Ambrose to let him know that he will win. Later on we see Ambrose in the doctors office to see if they can continue wrestle in his match against Reigns. Ambrose says to the doctor "I'm fine I'm ready to go." We get Reigns vs Ambrose but this time the stakes are high we see a Last Mam Standing Match winner faces Rollins in the main event. This match goes for about 25mins in which we see tons of spots between these two guys but both Reigns and Ambrose are on top of the electric wire and Rollins outta nowhere comes in and Pedigree's both Reigns and Ambrose and the ref counts because there's no count outs. The ref counts for the ten count and no one wins which we see Rollins jumping and everything Foley comes out and says "You know what Rollins yes this legal but you don't know Nah we ain't gonna have this happen this way. So you will face both Reigns and Ambrose in a Triple Threat Match right now and it will be in a Ladder Match." The ref rings the bell and you see Rollins immediately climb up to go and get his title but Ambrose and Reigns push Rollins off the ladder. This match last for about 15 mins and all three guys kill it and risking it all to win or retain The Universal Championship. But we see a super spear from Reigns into both Ambrose and Rollins and all three guys falls off he ladder onto two tables. Reigns genderly gets back up and he climbs the ladder and he's The New Universal Champion to close out SummerSlam. This was a huge epic and fun storyline that I just did and I feel proud of this storyline. Hope you all enjoyed it. Sorry that it was posted so late. #WWE #ImaginaryStoryline #Reigns #Rollins #Ambrose #NoDQ

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