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Posted by J. Elam on 02/14/2017 at 10:23 AM

1st Segment: Stephanie McMahon’s in the ring. She gave Mick Foley the week off to get his priorities in order. Roman Reigns interrupts her. He’s showing a noticeable limp from being attacked at the end of Raw last week by Braun Strowman. He doesn’t want to wait until Fastlane. He wants Braun tonight. Stephanie says it’s about what the fans want being that they’re in Las Vegas. She says the people don’t care about Roman, and that they don’t care he was beaten up. He says he doesn’t care. Stephanie tells him he'll regret it if he interferes in Braun's match later. The Club show up. They keep using “ski” at the end of words. It’s annoying. They want a 2 on 1 match against Reigns.

Roman Reigns vs The Club: Reigns didn’t wait for them to get to the ring and started throwing punches. After the commercial break, Anderson’s got Roman in a headlock and the crowd is almost universally behind Roman. After Roman hit the Superman Punch on Anderson, Gallows entered the ring. They continue the assault resulting in a DQ. They set Roman up for the Magic Killer, but Roman fought out of it. Superman Punch to Gallows on the apron. Anderson ran in with a chair, but Roman disarmed him and stood tall.

Andre the Giant is going to have a documentary. Bill Simmons is in charge of it.

2nd Segment: New Day throw some insults towards Bo Dallas, who’s in the ring. They’ve got blueprints for an ice cream machine.

Kofi Kingston vs Bo Dallas: Crowd’s chanting “We want ice cream!” Bo was outside the ring when Kofi led the crowd to continue the chants. Bo started dancing, then snatched the blueprints from Big E, and proceeded to rip them. Kofi flew over the top rope. One they were in the ring, hit him with the S.O.S. for the win. Big E dumped Booty O cereal on him afterwards.

3rd Segment: Neville backstage interview. He’s mid promo when Jack Gallagher shows up. Neville says he’s just a boy, and not in his league. Jack said he’d find out tomorrow on 205 Live. He called him a pillock (British slang for stupid person) and walked off.

4th Segment: Noam Dar (with Alicia Fox) vs Jack Gallagher: Gallagher countered several of Dar’d moves. He makes some pretty solid contact with his headbutt. That’s a concussion waiting to happen. Hit his finisher for the win. Neville’s music hits. He just stands atop the ramp and holds his title up menacingly.

They show a limo arriving to the arena. Samoa Joe and Triple H step out of it.

Another Emmalina vignette. Last week they said she’d be coming tonight. She’s finally here!! We’ve waited 17 weeks. And now she’s going from Emmalina… to Emma? O… K. That was weird.

5th Segment: Bayley backstage interview. She said she has a good nervous about her title match tonight. She’s excited to be in the main event of Raw. She believes in herself and proclaims to achieve her dream.

Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens backstage. They’re doing a friendship ceremony later. Triple H shows up and wants to talk to Owens. They walk off. I think that’s the first time since Owens won (was given) the Universal title that they’ve interacted. After commercial break, we see them talking, but we can’t hear anything being said.

6th Segment: Braun Strowman vs Mark Henry: These are 2 of the strongest guys in WWE. They’re both former powerlifters. Mark perhaps not so much as he’s getting up there in age. Braun scored a cheapshot behind the ref’s back, hit a clothesline, and then a headbutt to Henry. Locks him in a chinlock. Henry fought out of it and went for the World’s Strongest Slam, but couldn’t handle the weight. Braun hit a dropkick?! Then hits a Powerslam for the win. Roman Reigns’ music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Braun knocks him off the apron. Reigns hits 2 Superman Punches and sets up for the Spear. Braun caught him and hit a Powerslam. He yells at Roman he can’t win.

Cesaro and Sheamus are trying to get Bayley ready for her match. Enzo and Cass show up.

7th Segment: Samoa Joe sitdown interview. He came here to hurt people. Triple H gave him an opportunity. Cole asks why he took him from NXT. Joe says his results speak for themselves. Cole asks if Triple H is afraid of Seth, hence why he hired him. Joe says WWE was scared of hiring him because he’s a dangerous man. He’s glad he’s causing Seth Rollins to miss WM for the second consecutive year. He says if Seth does come back, he’ll injure him again. He’s here on Raw to make a statement. Says no one on Raw can’t go toe to toe with him. Cole lists names of people Triple H has associated himself with before Triple H turned on them. Joe says they needed help and he doesn’t. He says Triple H can rely on him and that he knows what’s best for business.

8th Segment: Sami Zayn vs Rusev (with Lana): Rusev is still wearing a protective mask for his broken nose. Crowd starts chanting for Lana. Sami hits a Plancha. He goes to hop back in the ring over the top rope, but Rusev nails him with a superkick. After the break, Rusev puts Zayn in a bearhug. He held him on the ropes and hit a few knees, followed by a Fallaway Slam. His mask fell off. Sami leapt off the top rope, but Rusev dodged it, and hit a spinning heel kick for a nearfall. Rusev went for a splash in the corner, but Sami dumped him over the top. Sami went for a springboard moonsault, but Rusev grabbed his leg and clotheslined him. One he got back in the ring, Sami his him with the Helluva Kick for the win.

Post-match interview. He heard what Samoa Joe said about him. He said he’s not a sellout like Joe is. He’s focused on WM. Joe’s music hits and he blindsides Sami. He throws Sami into the stage and locks in the Kochita Clutch until Sami passes out.

Hall of Fame package. New inductee is Teddy Long. Holla, holla, holla.

9th Segment: Akira Tozawa vs Ariya Daivari: THE Brian Kendrick is on commentary. Tozawa keeps doing some kind of barking thing. It’s weird. I don’t get it. He hits a German Suplex for the win. Crowd doesn’t respond. Can’t blame them. I have no idea who Tozawa is, and WWE doesn’t do a good enough job establishing his character.

10th Segment: It’s time for the Festival of Friendship. He introduces Kevin Owens. Jericho has a huge smile, but Owens doesn’t look too happy. Jericho wants to show Owens how much he means to him. Jericho had something made for him by Ralph Guggenheim. He’s got a sculpture of 2 people intertwined. He says it cost $7000. He has another gift. A Painting of him and Kevin in the vein of “The Creation of Adam.” He wants Owens to hang it in his home. Owens says he has 2 kids and Jericho has no pants in the painting. Jericho has yet another gift. A magician. He does some tricks. Owens says his son can do the same tricks and he’s 9. Jericho puts the magician on The List. He has one more gift. He wants to get Owens out of his match with Goldberg. He calls him out and says he’s gonna get “IT.” After the break, Goldberg’s music hits, but it’s… Gillberg! Owens beats him up. Owens thought the plan was to get Goldberg so he and Chris could beat him up. Crowd starts chanting Gillberg. Jericho says it’s been a blast working with Owens. Says it’s the most fun he’s had in his WWE career. He says he’s got Owens’ back, just like all the other times. Call Owens his brother and says he loves him. Owens says he loves him too and they hug. Owens has something for Jericho. It’s a new List. It says “The List of KO.” Owens beats up Jericho. He hits a Powerbomb on the apron. He throws Jericho into the Jeri-tron and holds up the title.

After the break, we see Jericho being loaded into an ambulance. He’s got a towel over his face. Might have been cut from the screen.

11th Segment: Enzo (with Big Cass) vs Cesaro (with Sheamus): Enzo accidentally threw his mic across the stage when he came out. He starts talking trash about Cesaro. From Swiss Superman to James Bond, and then insults Cesaro ripping off his suits. Enzo botched bad. He had trouble getting over the top rope. Cesaro launches Enzo in the air and hits an uppercut for the win.

Charlotte walking backstage when she bumps into Sasha. Sasha says she made Charlotte just as much as she made her. Charlotte told her to pipe down and watch her win.

12th Segment: Raw Women’s Championship: Bayley vs Charlotte Flair: Bayley showed a lot of fight. Bayley matched her move for move. Charlotte kept coming at her with everything she could, but Bayley kept getting back up. The rollup knocking the back of Bayley’s neck into the bottom turnbuckle. The moonsault off the barricade. Her leg came crashing down on Bayley’s neck. Despite that, Bayley just kept getting back up. Bayley showing great babyface fire here. She had the crowd behind her the whole match. Bayley connected with a Macho Man elbow, but Charlotte kicked out. The crowd totally bought that as a finish. Then right after, Bayley hits a Hurricanrana off the top rope. Charlotte kicks out. Crowd couldn’t be more into the match at this point. And now Dana Brooke decides to run down to the ring (I thought Charlotte was done with her?) but Bayley knocks her off the apron. She locks the Figure 4 on Charlotte, but Dana raked her eyes. Charlotte capitalized and locked in the Figure 8. Sasha Banks made her way to the ring and hit both Dana and Charlotte with her crutch. The ref saw neither. Bayley connected with a Bayley-to-Belly for the win and becomes the new Raw Women’s Champion!!! Bayley celebrated with the fans to end the show.

Both women did a tremendous job in this match. I might actually say this was their best match. They don't have the best chemistry between the Horsewomen, but they disproved that here.

I like Bayley and I want to be excited for her, but… I just can’t. Not to say it wasn’t a great moment and all. It’s just that Charlotte’s track record says that she’ll win back the title at Fastlane. That’s the way she’s been booked all this time. Also, it was a dirty win as Sasha did attack Charlotte. So, little to no reason for me to be happy unless WWE throws a curveball and has Bayley win at Fastlane. However, I still do think Bayley beats Charlotte at WM for the title, and then Sasha turns on her at SmarkaMania.

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