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Posted by J. Elam on 02/13/2017 at 03:40 PM

Pre-Show: Mojo Rawley vs Curt Hawkins: Backstory going into the match was Curt Hawkins taking a dig at Mojo and Rob Gronkowskiís friendship. They made a quick nod of the fact that Curt was Zackís first tag team partner. Curt spent half the match trying to get away from Mojo, and used some cheap heel moves once he lured him in. Mojo made his comeback and hit the Tilt-a-Whirl Powerslam for the win.

Basic pre-show match where the face goes over.


Becky Lynch vs Mickie James: Becky finally gets her hands on Mickie James for costing her the opportunity to regain the Womenís Championship she lost to Alexa Bliss a few months ago. The match did seem a bit slow and ended unexpectedly. I donít know if itís her time away from WWE (I know she was in TNA), or if itís her chemistry with Becky. Match ended in a rollup, so I assume the feud isnít over between them.

Kalisto and Apollo Crews vs Dolph Ziggler: Dolph attacked Kalisto during his entrance, leaving Apollo to start the match alone. Itís nice to see the face(s) getting beat up and the crowd wants it to continue (sarcasm). Thatís how poor a job WWEís done with their faces. Theyíre not entertaining enough to cheer for. Even after the match when Dolph attacked them with a chair, inclusing Dolph placing Apolloís ankle through it and stomping on it, the fans cheered for it. Thatís a bad sign. The match was really slow. Crowd couldnít care any less about it at all. They somewhat came to life when Kalisto limped his way down to the ring and got the hot tag. Apollo made the blind tag and hit a Spin-out Powerbomb for the win.

Still think it was odd for the heel to be booked in a handicap match like that. I could see if maybe it was a no DQ match.

SmackDown Tag Team Championship: Tag Team Turmoil: All the tag teams on SmackDown were involved. Heath Slater and Rhyno, BreezeDango, The VaudeVillains, The Usos, The Ascension, and American Alpha. Slater and Rhyno made quick work of BreezeDango and The VaudeVillains. The Usos were able to pull off the win over Slater and Rhyno, and on came the tag champs, American Alpha. Gable got a rollup to eliminate The Usos. After that, The Usos beat them down. The Ascension made their way to the ring to pick up the pieces and nab the titles, but AA fought back successfully and retained their titles.

Looks like theyíre setting up a feud between the Usos and AA. Should be fun.

Nikki Bella vs Natalya: Nattie spent a lot of time taunting. She needs some work on it. They opted for mat wrestling for a majority of the match. Nikki wanted to take away what she felt is the one thing Nattieís good at (wrestling). Nattie taunted some more, and Nikki locked her into an STF variation (Better than Cenaís). Nikki took a Superplex, which I thought might be risky due to her neck not quite being 100%. Match ended in a double countout, but they continued to fight anyway. Nikki hit Nattie with a mean spear on the ramp before Nattie scurried away. Goldberg would be proud. They also brawled backstage. Nikki wound up knocking powder all over Maryse. Thatís probably the beginnings of a feud with them. I donít know. Itís been a few years since Maryse has wrestled, so thereís definitely ring rust.

Iím so over this feud between Nikki and Nattie. Itís the exact same feud Nikki just had with Carmella. Same dialogue and everything. Time to move on from that. It worked fine with Carmella, but now itís too much, too often. Like the saying goes; lightning doesnít strike the same place twice.

Randy Orton vs Luke Harper: I canít be arsed to sit through a Randy Orton match. He just works too slowly for my liking. To me, doesnít seem to care all that much in some of his matches. Heís still capable of putting on good matches though. As is Luke. Harperís one of the best big men in WWE. Heís huge, but heís agile. He moves almost like a Cruiserweight. The crowd got into it once they sped things up. Orton picked up the win (not surprising).

SmackDown Womenís Championship: Naomi vs Alexa Bliss: Alexa had only been champion for 2 months. Iím surprised they took the title off her so soon. She hadnít really done anything with it. Naomi on the other hand has made some improvements. Didnít realize sheís actually a solid promo. She still moves a little too fast for her opponents at times, but sheís getting there. Not sure sheís Womenís Champion ready, but weíll see.

WWE Championship: Elimination Chamber: Dean Ambrose, Baron Corbin, The Miz, and Bray Wyatt started off the match in the pods. AJ Styles and John Cena started off the match. Thereís padding on the outside steel. I guess itís to prevent injury. Lance Storm has said recently that the steel on the outside hurts like hell, so it makes sense to pad it. I also kinda wish theyíd make the glass to the pods out of sugarcane. Itís the same stuff they use in movies and TV shows. Itís safe to use, so you can still keep guys safe from injury, but at the same time, make the match look violent.

AJ Styles Ė Styles is Styles. Thereís a reason heís one of the best wrestlers in the world, and one of the greatest of all time. He took some serious bumps in the match, including one in a Tower of Doom spot. Ambrose Powerbombed Bray, while Bray at the same time, threw Styles by the neck off the pod. Crowd popped huge for that one. Really made the match feel somewhat violent. He has great chemistry with everyone he faces. It showed in this match.

John Cena Ė Similar to Styles. One of the best ever. He did his usual shtick. Using some of his newer moves like the Sunset Flip heís now added. I did like the spot where he pulled off a double German Suplex to AJ and Dean. Well, AJ was giving Dean one and Cena happened to be behind him, but still, that was pretty cool. Iíll admit to being shocked he was the second to last person eliminated. Guess theyíre still protecting him somewhat.

Dean Ambrose Ė He came in hot and ready to go. After that, he kind of disappeared into the match for me. Might have something to do with me not liking his wrestling style. I also wish heíd stop with the ridiculous rebound clothesline. Itís terrible. Stop it.

Bray Wyatt Ė Like Ambrose, Bray came in hot and went after anything that moved. ďArmy tank with a Ferrari engine.Ē Bray even has one of the best clotheslines on the roster. Luke being another guy with one. I donít want to say stiff, but thereís such an impact when he does it. I wish more people would do them like that.

Baron Corbin Ė Corbin, I hardly knew ye. He went after everyone, but his time was short lived. He had Ambrose down when Mizí buzzer went off. Rather than finish off Ambrose, he stared at Miz. Dean capitalized and Corbin was outta there. He did beat up Dean afterwards for several minutes before finally leaving.

The Miz Ė Stayed in his pod until Corbin finished off Ambrose, then swooped in and pinned him. Clever Miz. While I do think heís the best heel on the roster, I have grown a tad bored with him always using Daniel Bryanís moves. He does them well, but I just feel like he should do something else. What that is, I donít know. When Cena eliminated him, that took me out of the match.

Now weíre down to the final 3. Cena, Styles, and Wyatt. Cena hit a 5 (or 10, if youíre Mauro Ranaullo) Knuckle Shuffle on both guys at the same time. It looked ridiculous. Cena hit a Crossbody off the pod onto both guys. A few seconds later, he went for an AA on Bray, but it was countered into a Sister Abigail. And just like that, John Cenaís eliminated and weíre guaranteed a new WWE Champion. Did not see that coming. After some back and forth, AJ went for the Phenomenal Forearm, but Bray countered that into the Sister Abigail for the win. While Bray posed with the title, Randy Orton stood atop the ramp and stared Bray down.


- I canít say I really enjoyed this PPV. Good for Naomi winning, but I just donít think she was ready, in the same sense I didnít think Alexa was ready when she won.
- I still donít get American Alpha. Their characterís just not coming across to me.

- The chamber match itself was good. I did enjoy that. I want to be excited for Bray winning, but everything Iíve seen so far tells me this time wonít be different than all the other times. Every time I think Brayís getting a push, that theyíre taking him seriously, WWE says ďNah, we changed our minds.Ē So history tells me this time will be the same. I expect Orton to win at WM. Another reason I canít get excited for Bray. And where does Luke fit in? Will he cost Bray or what? Will Orton admit his plan all along was to divide and conquer the Wyatts?

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