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Posted by Jordan Turner on 02/13/2017 at 12:54 AM

Hello Everyone, Welcome to my Wrestling Column. Make sure you all follow my personal blog wrestlingvibes.com I'll greatly appreciate it very much. Time for Elimination Chamber,

1st Match of The Night. Becky Lynch vs Mickie James. Winner-Becky Lynch. Now to me I personally feel like this match could have been better. I'm not saying the match was duel because it wasn't at all, I just feel like the match could have been more better for what it was that's all.

2nd Match of The Night. Dolph Ziggler vs Apollo Crews & Kalisto. Winner or Winners-Apollo Crews & Kalistio. At first we all thought it was gonna be a 1 on 1 match between Ziggler & Crews which was for a bit until Kalisto coming into the match when before the match started we saw Ziggler throw Kalisto back first into the tion tron. Then as the match between Ziggler and Crews went on we saw Kalisto come into the match which was legal. To me this match wasn't that impressive even though the storyline was decent but the match to me tonight didn't reallly do nothing for me.

3rd Match of The Night. SmackDownLIVE Tag Team Title Turmoil Match. Fashion Police vs Slader & Ryno. Winners-Slater & Ryno. Slader & Ryno vs The USO's. Winners-The USO's. The USO's vs American Alpha. Winners-American Alpha. American Alpha vs Vaud Villans. Winners-American Alpha. Then it was the last two teams which were (C) American Alpha vs The Ascension. Winners-American Alpha. They retained there titles which to me the match wasn't that impressive to me. The tag team division isn't all that good in my personal opinion, they have great teams it's just the way the division has been booked it hasn't been booked strong what so ever. I hope after the win for American Alpha that we see The Revival come up within the next 6 weeks before WrestleMania 33 and challenge American Alpha at those SmackDownLIVE Tag Team Titles, we shall see.

4th Match of The Night. Nikki Bella vs Natayla. Winner-Count out. No one won. This feud has been excellent and entertaining to me personally. I legit feel like WWE didn't want to make Nikki Bella nor Natayla look weak via a loss so they decided to do a count out which in storyline we should have had a definitive winner yes but if this storyline is still going then I'm all for it because I've enjoyed it.

5th Match of The Night. Luke Harper vs Randy Orton. Winner-Randy Orton. Orton needed to win to build his momentum as The 2017 Royal Rumble winner simple as that. But this match to me was great I really enjoyed it. In the beginning I loved how the fans in the arena were chanting "This is borning." But then later on in the match they stared chanting "This is awesome." I just thought it was funny when they completely flipped there negative chants to positive chants.

6th Match of The Night. SmackDownLIVE Women's Title Match. (C) Alexa Bliss vs Naomi. Winner-Naomi yes I said it Naomi is our New SmackDown Women's Champion indeed. Now I'm absolutely happy for Naomi because I feel like it was way to long like seriously. But again I'm overwhelmed because I feel like Alexa Bliss heel momentum as Women's (C) kind of fell off via her loosing but that's just me. Again I'm happy for Naomi but I would have had Naomi win The Women's Championship at WrestleMania 33 which will be in her hometown in Orlando, FL but again that's just me though. The match was decent for what it was but we did see some blown spots via Naomi a bit which she fixed quickly.

7th Match of The Night. WWE Championship Title Elimination Chamber Match. (C) John Cena vs AJ Styles vs Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt vs Baron Corbin vs The Miz. Winner-Bray F*n Wyatt. Yes Bray Wyatt is finally WWE (C) he absolutely deserves it and that's a fact. It's been 4 yrs of frustration I know from not only Wyatt but also us as Bray Wyatt fans. He's rolling into WrestleMania 33 as WWE (C) but it's looking like it's gonna be Bray Wyatt vs Randy Orton for The WWE Championship at WrestleMania 33. Now I know plenty of fans feel like Orton vs Wyatt isn't eligible or worthy enough to close WrestleMania 33 which I actually agree with. We just gotta see what happens now with all the storylines for SmackDownLIVE moving forward towards WrestleMania 33 which I'm excited for. Hope you all enjoyed my review tonight, #WWE #WWEChamber #NoDQ Goodnight everyone.

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