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Posted by Jordan Turner on 02/11/2017 at 09:32 PM

Hello Everyone, Welcome to my Wrestling Colunm. Make sure you follow my personal blog wrestlingvibes.com Reslly enjoy blogging on this website and I truly hope I get even more opportunities in the near future. Enjoy this storyline.

•Introduction Storyline

This storyline between Roman Reigns and The Undertaker will start at The 2017 Royal Rumble. We see Roman Reigns enter at No.30 an which we saw Roman Reigns shockingly eliminating The Undertaker. Immediately following Reigns eliminating Undertaker we saw Reigns say to Taker "This is my yard." So when we saw that we all assumed that we will get that match for WrestleMania 33. So on RAW following Reigns eliminating The Undertaker we see that Reigns comes out and he says "The big dog has arrived and this is officially my yard, so ya'll people need to deal with it and the person that needs defiantly deal with it is you Undertaker." Then outta nowhere the lights got out and we see The Undertaker's sign on the ramp and we hear Takers voice through the speakers and he says "Roman you will Rest In Peace at WrestleMania" then RAW goes off the air.

•Twist Storyline

We see following that we see on SmackDownLIVE the next night is The Undertaker coming out. He says "Reigns get your ass out here right now." So indeed Reigns answers and he comes out, Reigns says "Hey Taker I'm here in my yard not your yard. So what are you doing here you have no business in my yard so get the hell out. I'm gonna defeat you at WrestleMania so you and the rest of these cry baby fans are gonna have to deal with what I do to you at WrestleMania." Taker outta nowhere doesn't respond to Reigns but instead he just choke slams Reigns because he's simply annoyed of Reigns talking all that mess. So Taker all of a sudden vanishes and is gone outta nowhere, that closes SmackDownLIVE. Then next week on RAW we have Reigns outta nowhere come out and with him is a returning Michelle McCool which is Undertaker's wife. Reigns has Michelle and he says to Michelle "I will destroy and end your husbands career at WrestleMania 33, you will be in the front row and you will witness it LIVE instead of you being at home."

•Conclusion Storyline

After what Reigns said to Michelle McCool outta nowhere The Undertaker is in the ring and he's so angry that he says "I got something for you Reigns." What is Taker talking about exactly? Gotta wait and find out, the next week on RAW we see The Undertaker do something he's never done before which is he going to Roman Reigns house and he wants Reifns wife. He is in the house and grabs Reigns wife and he says to Reigns wife "You will be front row seat at WrestleMania when you watch your husband have his career ended by the hands of me." So you see Reigns start laughing at what he see's then all of a sudden he has an angry face on him and he outta nowhere spears Michelle McCool. He did that to send an message to Undertaker that he isn't playing around. So Taker grabs Reigns wife and he brings her to the arena we're Reigns is waiting for them along with Michelle McCool. So Reigns says to Taker inside the ring "You really choke slammed my wife? Alright then outta nowhere Reigns spears Michelle McCool. He obviously did that because Taker choke slammed Reigns wife so Reigns thought it would be far if he speared McCool. But Reigns grabs the mic and says "At WrestleMania your career will die" then he and his wife leaves. We get to WrestleMania 33 and we have Roman Reigns vs Undertaker were both Reigns and Takers wife are ringside while watching the match. This match goes for about 15mins and we see Reigns super man punches Taker but Michelle McCool comes in and hits Reigns in the back with brace knuckles. Taker takes advantage but Reigns kicks out at 2 in a half, then they continue with the match we're we see Reigns wife hit Taker with a steal chair to the back and Reigns then super man punches and spears Taker for the 1,2,3. So heel Reigns with his wife stands tall and post match we see Reigns say "Bye bye Taker I just ended your career, I'm now running this yard and I'm defiantly the big dog that runs this yard." That's all I got everyone, I hope you all enjoyed this Imaginary Storyline. #NoDQ #ReignsVsTaker #WWE #ImaginaryStoryline

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