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Posted by Andy Sullivan on 02/10/2017 at 08:34 PM

This Sunday is the Smackdown brand's Elimination Chamber. The show is headlined by the Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship. The match includes champion John Cena, AJ Styles, Bray Wyatt, I-C Champion Dean Ambrose, Miz and Baron Corbin. I think Ambrose and Corbin are about to enter a program for the I-C belt. Also, WWE will not put the main belt on Dean again. That lets those two out. Cena has to lose in order to break Flair's record. Also, I hear rumblings he and Nikki will be teaming up for a WrestleMania match. That lets him out. This leaves Styles and Wyatt. AJ is, apparently, having a match at the Show with Shane McMahon. Process of elimination(pun intended) and my gut feeling says Bray Wyatt will become the new WWE Champion.

As for the undercard, Alexa Bliss will defeat Naomi. If only because I think the story would be better if Naomi wins the title in her hometown. Randy Orton has to beat Luke Harper, right? How would it look if Orton lost to Harper and won the title in April? On the other hand, a Luke Harper win just before Orton wins the title means a built-in title feud post-WM.

American Alpha will probably retain the belts. It would build up the aura of them being an unstoppable team. Nikki Bella will lose to Natalya. This will give the Cena-Bella team, if that WM tag match with Miz/Maryse indeed takes place, a bit of a redemption feel.

Mickie James will defeat Becky Lynch with Alexa Bliss' help. Dolph Ziggler should win his handicap match with Crews and Kalisto. This way, maybe they can put those three in a (hopeful)six-man ladder match at WM for the I-C title. Mojo Rawley will steamroll Curt Hawkins in the pre-show. I think Mojo would fit well in that supposed I-C ladder match at the "Grandaddy of them All". Oh, they don't call it that anymore, do they? Should be a pretty fun stop for the blue brand on the way to WrestleMania.

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