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Posted by Jordan Turner on 02/10/2017 at 01:18 PM

Hello Everyone, Welcome to my Wrestling Colunm. Make sure you follow my personal blog wrestlingvibes.com Not only you can read what you see here but also on Wrestling Vibes as well. Building my empire slowly but surely, I'm very blessed to be writing for this website and I wanna thank everyone in the NoDQ family to put there faith in me and giving me a platform to get all my stuff out there toa bigger audience. Hope you all enjoy this post and all the other posts I've ever done, thank you. #YouCantPleaseEveryone

•Positives About Monday Night Raw

Now this past Monday Night Raw, we saw the segment between Bill Goldberg, Universal (C) Kevin Owens and United States (C) Chris Jericho. Bill Goldberg was simply there to basically announce that he will be fighting Owens at "Fast Lane" for The Universal Title. Jericho for some reason wanted to be a tough guy and told Goldberg that Owens can defeat him at Fast Lane and with that alone the match was announced for "Fast Lane." Now I believe we will see the same thing at "Fast Lane" like we saw years ago in 2013 at The Royal Rumble we're The WWE (C) CM Punk lost to The Rock to then have Rock drop the title to John Cena at WrestleMania 29. So that's exactly what I see happening to Owens which I and others don't wanna see what so ever. The other positive I saw which is WWE finally building up Nia Jax as an unbeaten monster which should've happened immediately when she came up to the main roster months ago. Also the other positive I liked is that WWE is hinting at a Sasha Banks eventual heel turn which she desperately needs. We need to see The Boss from NXT because they've obviously gone away from that which I don't understand why.

•Negatives About Monday Night Raw

The negatives on this show was indeed there, I don't like that there's no tag team division what so ever like seriously think about it. Gallows & Andetson have been booked terribly ever since coming up to the main roster. All of a sudden there RAW Tag Team Champions heck no that's not gonna just immediately wash everything they've been through ever since coming up to the main roster no way. Other negative I didn't like about this recent episode is simply this Charlotte vs Bayley storyline, to me the storyline doesn't have that spice for me to get into. We've seen this match play out on RAW and now since Bayley lost at The Royal Rumble she is able to get another opportunity for Charlotte's belt next Monday on RAW? That I don't understand but I will say it's cool though that we're getting a title match on RAW next week.

•Positives About Tuesday Night SmackDownLIVE

SmackDownLIVE was very enjoyable once like no joke. I really enjoyed the opening segment with Bryan, Miz, Ambrose. Corbin and Styles. This segment obviously turned into a match. This Fatal 4 Way match between Styles vs Ambrose vs Corbin vs Miz was very enjoyable. All four guys killed it, Corbin picking up the victory was cool to see. The other positive that I enjoyed was he Nikki Bella and Natayla interview segment that Tod Phillips did by interviewing both ladies. Seeing Natayla take jabs at Nikki Bella and Nikki doing the same exact thing back was cool. It wasn't cringe nor was it boring, there building towards there match at Elimination Chamber which I really appreciate. Another positive on this week's show was the two contract signings between SmackDown Women's (C) Alexa Bliss and Naomi also Mickie James and Becky Lynch. Alexa Bliss is an awesome heel like legit, this lady as a heel is ruthless and she don't give a dam what so ever. She was calling out Naomi saying that she didn't even know she was there at all which made me laugh. Also she was throwing shade towards Becky Lynch which was cool. Then Mickie attacked her rival Becky and saying that without her there wouldn't be no women's division which was a great line given to her. Then you see Naomi there looking all quite which was cool that the SmackDown writes did. Naomi said basically that she'd had enough and simply high kicked Alexa Bliss and you see Alexa Bliss and Naomi brawling and also Becky and Mickie brawling as well. Then Bliss and James escape, I'm very excited for all three women matches for Elimination Chamber. Goes to show you that SmackDown knows how to seriously book there women because the women on SmackDownLIVE have a purpose can't say the same for RAW's women's division.

•Negatives About Thursday Night Impact Wrestling

This recent episode of Impact Wrestling, I didn't like at all to the point were I might consider taking another break form blogging about Impact Wrestling for a while. Because not only is there so much wrestling I cover involving mostly all in WWE and also Lucha Underground but I have some of my shows that are returning which most of them come on Thursday Nights which I can't watch them because I'm watching Impact and no I can't record because the recording isn't working. But this recent episode the thing that's going on with Aaron Rex is absolutely strange and weird like seriously. I was excited when he first came into The Impact Zone now I just want him to get of my TV at this point. I have no clue what's going on with the DDC and what there purpose is at this point like seriously I get confused each and every week what there purpose really is. Lashley vs Eddie Edwards for Lashley's TNA World Championship was a decent match but again we've seen it so many times at this point I don't care anymore. So TNA's storylines need to seriously get much better and they gotta improve in that area. But they do have a interesting storyline involving Knockouts (C) Rose Marry and Brandi Rhodes I will give them that. But the other storylines I've seen I particularly don't like what so ever that's just my personal opinion. But I hope you all enjoyed this post. See you al tomorrow morning for How JT & John Book WWE "Elimination Chamber" and also my WWE Imaginary Storyline #40. Take care now! #RAW #SDLive #ImpactOnPop #NoDQ

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