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Posted by Jordan Turner on 02/04/2017 at 02:03 PM

Hello Everyone, Welcome to my Wrestling Colunms. Make sure you all follow my personal blog wrestlingvibes.com Greatly appreciate it and I also love the support I get when regards my columns on this website, it truly means a lot. I hope I make 2017 a lot more better and hopefully I get somewhere this year. Enjoy the storyline of Rollins vs Joe.

•Introduction Storyline

Now I'm absolutely sadden that following Monday Night RAW, we apparently heard that Seth Rollins got injured. But we saw on WWE's official website/official Twitter account that Rollins was getting out of the arena with crutches. Immediately we all thought that that Rollins was hurt just for storyline purposes, but news came out out days ago that Rollins is seriously injured and that this isn't apart of a storyline. But there are some fans still thinking that Rollins is injured for storyline purposes which isn't true what so ever which is sad to hear. Rollins went on Twitter to clearify the rumor that him being injured is apart of a storyline. His tweets he tweeted out basically squashed all those theories/rumors. I just wanted to clarify those theories/ rumors when regards to that situation, but following RAW next week we see Samoa Joe come out and he says "Hi Rollins, how are you? I know your at home recovering from the injury I coasted you." Outta nowhere here comes Triple H which he says to Joe "Yes you injured Rollins I get it." Outta nowhere Joe says to Triple H "I'm the destroyer and I want The Universal Title."

•Twist Storyline

Following what Joe said when regards to becoming New Universal Champion, we see Kevin Owens come out and he says "Really Joe? Your kidding me right, you ain't challenging me at Fast Lane." Outta nowhere Triple H says "Owens you will be defending your Universal Championship against Joe at Fast Lane." So we get at Fast Lane for The Universal Championship (C) Kevin Owens vs Samoa Joe. You can simply see easily Triple H smile at Joe and then you see Joe doing the same exact thing to Triple looking like they have some plain or something to defeat Owens at Fast Lane. But then after that happens outta nowhere we hear Seth Rollins music hit and you can see Joe and Triple H looking behind them, the entire ramp and through the fans to see if they see Rollins, but he simply doesn't show up and it's Rollins instead playing mind games with both Triple H and Samoa Joe to close Raw. We get to Fast Lane and it's (C) Kevin Owens vs Samoa Joe, this match goes for about 15 mins but closing as soon as Samoa Joe is about to attempt to defeat Owens but we hear outta nowhere Rollins theme song hit but this time he shows up and he distracts Joe and Joe ultimately loses to Owens via Rollins coasting Joe the match. Post match we see Rollins come into the ring and he attempts to seriously injure Samoa Joe but he doesn't he just does his old finisher "The Curb Stomp."

•Conclusion Storyline

On RAW following Fast Lane, we see Seth Rollins come out and he says "F*ck Triple H right now, I want Samoa Joe. Get your ass out here right now." Joe comes out and Rollins doesn't say anything, he just attacks Joe outta nowhere and Triple H comes out and sends security guards and they grab both Joe and Rollins, Rollins grabs the mic and he says "Your ass is mine, I wanna face you at WrestleMania 33 Joe." So Triple H comes out and grants Seth Rollins his request for a match against Joe for WrestleMania 33. So we see next week on RAW we see both guys intend to sign a contract for there match just days away from there WrestleMania 33 match. Rollins tells Triple H specifically "Your next." We get to WrestleMania 33 and we get to Samoa Joe vs Seth Rollins. This match goes for about 20mins and we see Rollins attempt The "Curb Stomp" a move that was banned from WWE." But outta nowhere we see just when Triple H was gonna pin Joe to defeat him, we see Triple H come out and distract Rollins and Joe takes advantage and does his muscle buster on Rollins to defeat him. What we see closing WrestleMania 33 is Joe and Triple H Standing tall. Hope you all enjoy this storyline. #RollinsVsJoe #WWE #NoDQ

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