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Posted by Jordan Turner on 01/31/2017 at 02:24 AM

Hello Everyone, Welcome to my Wrestling Column. Make sure you follow my personal blog wrestlingvibes.com Greatly appreciate it.

We kick off Raw with still The Universal (C) Kevin Owens and United States (C) Chris Jericho. Owens says that he is hurt and bruised up from his match last night against Roman Reigns. Owens said that by defeating Reigns that The GM Mick Foley needs to give him the respect that he deserves. Owens also said that he's the man and that yes he did indeed need help to defeat Roman Reigns but he didn't need Stoeman's help to defeat Reigns. So Owens throwing some shade to Stroman which was indeed interesting. Jericho jumped in and said that he was in The Royal Rumble for the longest time than any other man in the match. But real quick, yes Jericho was in The Rumble Match for the longest time which was obvious but the other obvious was seeing throughout the match seeing Jericho low key sleep a little during the match. But Stroman comes to the ring and he straight wants that Universal Title from Owens and that he wants it tonight on RAW. So here comes The GM Mick Foley and he grants Stroman his wish and we will see Stroman vs Owens for The Universal Championship.

1st Match of The Night. Sami Zayn vs Chris Jericho. Winner-Sami Zayn. Honestly this match was pretty good for what it was honestly.

2nd Match of The Night. Tony Nese vs Mustafa ALI. Winner-Tony Nese. This match was pretty decent for what it was. These two are talented and I hope they both get somewhat of a push within The Cruiserweight Division soon.

Here comes Seth Rollins. He simply wants Triple H and he wants answers from him A$AP. But here comes Stephanie McMahon. Now Stephanie made is perfectly clear that Triple H is not in the arena tonight but Rollins ain't having it and says that The Architect will destroy the King once he gets his hand on him. Stephanie says that she's happy that her husband turned his back on Rollins and Rollins was never suppose to be the guy in the first place. Rollins responds and says that The King will be slayed and that the game will be over via The Architect. Stephanie announces that her husband will be LIVE on Raw later on tonight. Thus promo segment between Rollins and Stephanie to me wasn't that bad.

3rd Match of The Night. Bayley, Cesaro & Shemaus vs Charlotte, Luke Gallows & Carl Anderson. Winners-Bayley, Cesaro & Shemaus. This match to me wasn't all that impressive to me.

Here comes The New Cruiserweight Champion Neville. Neville basically talks about that he told each and everyone of us that he was gonna be New Cruiserweight Champion which he accomplished. He says that he's the true King of The Cruiserweight Division and that no one will step to his throne. But outta nowhere former (C) Rich Swan comes out and he is tired of listing to Neville talk all this crap. Outta nowhere these two guys just start brawling which was honestly whatever to me.

4th Match of The Night. Universal Championship Title Match. The (C) Kevin Owens vs Brawn Stroman. Winner-Kevin Owens via Roman Reigns coming and screwing over Stroman. Ths made complete sense because we all know that from last night that Stroman screwed over Reigns so it was right for Reigns to do they same exact thing which he obviously did.

5th Match of The Night. Nia Jax vs Sasha Banks. Winner-Nia Jax. Honestly I'm not sure if Sasha if Sasha can recover from what has happened to her following her feud against Charlotte.

6th Match of The Night. Enzo & Big Cass vs Jinder MaHal & Rusev. Winners-Enzo & Big Cass. This match wasn't nothing impressive what so ever in my personal opinion.

Here comes Triple H. He talks about how Seth Rollins was the man and the chosen within The Authority and that he was gonna be the top guy. But he decided to turn on Triple H and leave him. Triple H also says that he's gonna absolute destroy Rollins and destroy his legacy. Outta nowhere here comes Seth Rollins and we thought we were gonna see these two guys square off but outta nowhere Samoa Joe comes out and absolutely destroys Rollins. He is on Raw which I don't agree with but that's just me personally. We close Raw out with Rollins getting destroyed by Samoa Joe. Overall RAW was actually a good show. We saw an unadvertised Brock Lesnar, which there building Lesnar vs GoldBerg for WrestleMania 33 obviously. So I'm sleepy and I'm going to bed goodnight. Hope you all enjoyed my review. #RAW #WWE #NoDQ.

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