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Posted by ViRTUE on 01/29/2017 at 06:21 PM

January 29, 2017

Twitter: @EGW_FOW_Virtue

NXT TakeOver San Antonio

Since NXT TakeOver San Antonio has come and gone, the WWE 2017 PPV season is now officially underway. This year, I am going to start doing full NXT TakeOver reviews. With that said, I am also going to be setting the bar much higher when it comes to grading all WWE and NXT PPVs. I will list all my grades for 2016 one last time at the bottom of this column, for your reference. What I like most about NXT TakeOver events is that they are only two hours long. It is definitely not as grueling to watch one of these events as opposed to some of the marathon WWE PPVs. As for the Royal Rumble, I will be watching it tonight and should have my review for it up sometime by mid-week. All righty then, let’s get started with TakeOver San Antonio…

Tye Dillinger Vs Eric Young w/Sanity: I will admit, sometimes I feel NXT should be called NXTNA (Samoa Joe, Eric Young, Bobby Roode, Austin Aries). With that being said, I do like to see guys like EY get an opportunity on a bigger stage such as the WWE Network. He deserves it. As for the Sanity gimmick, well, all I can say is it reminds me of the Wyatt Family on speed. But I still really do like EY. He is definitely unique. I actually feel bad for the Perfect 10, Tye Dillinger. It seems like he has been in NXT forever and always loses his big matches. I enjoyed this opening match and liked the psychology of EY trying to recruit Dillinger to Sanity. In the end, EY landed a neckbreaker to score the victory. Match Grade = B+

Andrade Almas Vs Roderick Strong: Well, even NXT TakeOver needs filler matches. I don’t know what it is about Roderick Strong, but I just don’t like him. It was a serviceable, back and forth match, but it really did not have much meaning to me. After landing a Sick Kick, Strong got the win. Match Grade = B

NXT Tag Team Championship: Authors of Pain w/Paul Ellering Vs DIY (Gargano/Ciampa) Already? DIY seriously lost the NXT Tag Team titles already? I guess they did have the titles since November, but with only one-hour NXT episodes every Wednesday on the WWE Network, it just did not seem like a very decent title reign. Perhaps if you count all the NXT house shows, then it was a decent title run, but still…There really is not much that can top the DIY Vs Revival match from TakeOver Toronto, and I knew going into this match that the Authors of Pain were not going to be in a MOTY candidate. Nonetheless, it was a very good old school type match with a faster, technical team versus a larger, powerhouse team. In a shocking finish, the AOP hit the Last Chapter on Ciampa for the victory to become the new NXT Tag Team Champions. Match Grade = B+

Seth Rollins: Segment Grade = There is not much to say about this segment other than it was absolutely brilliant! Rollins invades Triple H’s baby, NXT, to call him out for all the bizarre happenings since Kevin Owens won the Universal Championship. Rollins cuts a passionate promo, Triple H shows his face with security, then leaves. Rollins tries to fight off security but is soon escorted out. Segment Grade = A+

NXT Women’s Championship Fatal Four Way: Billy Kay Vs Peyton Royce Vs Nikki Cross Vs Asuka- I really do not like women’s matches with more than two participants, let alone one with four. Sometimes it gets really, really cluster f’d. Although, this match almost served as a Triple Threat, since Billy Kay and Peyton Royce were almost like Siamese Twins for most of the match. The story really lies with Auska and Cross, so I would have been much more compelled to see those two duke it out. When all was said and done, Asuka retained the title after kicking and pinning Peyton Royce. I am a huge Asuka fan, so this made me very happy. She is so like a character out of a Japanese video game. Match Grade = B+

NXT Championship: Bobby Roode Vs Shinsuke Nakamura- This was simply an awesome match. The one thing I did not like was the title change. I thought perhaps Nakamura should have squeaked it out over Roode to retain the title. They could have still played the injury angle with Nakamura where he could have been stripped of the title, and a 4 or 8 man tournament could have been held. And guess what? Roode could have won the tournament to become the new NXT Champion. I am also a little bit mixed with Roode’s “Glorious” theme music. Don’t get me wrong, it is very catchy. However, it just feels that if a heel has a catchy theme song that the crowd gets into, it takes away from their heel heat. Nonetheless, this was a spectacular match with great injury and possum psychology which allowed Roode to pin Nakamura to become new NXT Champion. Match Grade = A+

Overall show grade = B++

NXT TakeOver San Antonio was an overall very good show, but I just felt it lacked a few minor details here and there that kept it from being an A- or higher. You can probably figure out the nuances I am referring to embedded in the comments above. Have no fear though, my NXT peeps, I actually graded TakeOver The End a B++ last year. It’s okay to be a little extra critical sometimes, so we are left wanting more…

Twitter: @EGW_FOW_Virtue

PPV Grades for 2016

Royal Rumble = B+
FastLane = B
Roadblock = B
NXT Dallas TakeOver = A
WrestleMania 32 = B+
Payback = B++
Extreme Rules = B+
NXT TakeOver: The End = B++
Money in the Bank = B
Battleground = B++
NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II = A+
SummerSlam = B+
Backlash = B
Clash of Champions = B
No Mercy = B
Hell in a Cell = B-
NXT TakeOver: Toronto = A-
Survivor Series = C++
TLC = A-
Roadblock: End of the Line B+

Best WWE PPV of 2016: TLC (A-)
Worst WWE PPV of 2016: Survivor Series (C++)
Average WWE PPV Grade = B+
Best NXT TakeOver of 2016: TakeOver Brooklyn II (A+)
Worst NXT TakeOver of 2016: TakeOver: The End (B++)
Average NXT TakeOver Grade = A

Grading Scale (16 point system): As an example, a B++ is equivalent to 12/16 or a 3.75/5, 7.5/10



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